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A site like this really comes alive for readers when we can add stories, photos, and other information about our family. You can contribute in several ways...

  • Old Family Stories - Do you have an interesting story about some ancestor in your family? Perhaps an old letter or even a story that has been told to you by the previous generation. Maybe even just a family legend? If you're willing to share these treasures, please contact us and we'll work to include it.
  • Your Own Story - Would you like to tell future generations about your life - the things you've done, the places you've been, the particular way you see the world? Your own story will become a treasure for future generations. You don't have to be an excellent writer, just a simple story teller. Get your story to us in any way you want and we'll do the work to write it down, let you review and edit it, and put it on the site. We'll even talk over the phone if that's the best for you. If you need some ideas about what to tell, here's a list of ideas to start you off.

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