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A letter from Abraham Engelhorn in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to his second cousin Louis Englehorn in King City, California (edited slightly, but retaining the original spelling and punctuation.)


5-2-39 King City Calif

Dear Cousin Louis.

Sure was glad to hear from you. It seems we have relatives all over this U.S. They say this U S is a large place but stil more room. Wel we are making Milw[aukee] our home for the few years there are left for us. You know we are getting up in years and our time is shortening up every day and there is a limit to every one they only let us stay so long when our time comes the old fellow says come with me and we will have to go. and so it goes. wel there used to be so many Engelhorns on the Lansing Ridge as it use to be called once in a time it was called the Engelhorn Ridge. You see it a long time ago sins i left home. i left home before i was 16 and now the 18th of this month i will be 71 - so that is a long time ago. You know I had a step Mother and she and I could not get along she was awful mean to me when i was a kid and when i grew up i would not take her abuse so you know that settled it. I went to Freeport the first summer and in the fall they begged me to come home so at last i came home. but it did not last long so i left again. and at last i drifted to Wisconsin I got married to a Wis[consin] girl and went Railroading I started Railroading at Janesville Wis. I learned the machinist trade From Janesville i was send to Monroe Wis & later on back to Janesville and later on i was transferd to Oshkosh Wis & later to Fond Du Lac Wis And later they Promoted me as General Fireman at Madison Wis but i did not like that Job & went back to Fond Du Lac and staid there until i took my Pensions So we Landed in Milwaukee

We have 2 Girls & 2 Boys the oldest Girl & the 2 Boys are in Milwaukee & the other girl is in Madison and here we are on easy street taking life easy having a good time go where we like & come back when we like we have a Life time pass can go all over the U.S. & Canada any time so you can see we can enjoy our selves if our health holds out. My wife has [been] very sick for a long time last fall and winter. but a[t] present she is getting along fine now hope she will continue so so we are not going to take a long trip for some time we figured on going to Florida Last winter. and this summer to Washington & New York but we are going to cut out long trips for awhile. But if all goes wel will go to Lansing sometime this summer if all goes wel You know myself & Aney My Half sister are all this [that] is left of our Family Anna is Mrs Ben Decker so you see our Family is almost Wiped out We are going to take a little trip to Appleton this week to visit my wifes Brother that is only about 110 miles on the C&NW Road My wife has a brother and a lot of relatives living in Milwaukee

Wel i am very glad you wrote to me & if all goes wel we may be seeing you some in the [future] & Hope you can come and see us some time

Yours Wery truly We are living in a wery nise little apartment real comfortable We have gas Heat Hot & cold water all Furnished We have to worry about nothing. So Be good & good luck

Mr & Mrs A Engelhorn

No 25 St

Apt 3

Milwaukee Wis

This letter appears as Appendix D in the Blue Book.

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