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First Generation
1. Johann Thomas ENGELHORN (Ninth child of Johann Thomas ENGELHORN III) was born 31 Aug 1841 in Altlussheim, Germany. He died 27 Dec 1917 in Tacoma, Washington and was buried 3 Jan 1918 in Ellensburg, Washington. 

It is believed that John came to America in 1866 from stories told by his son Louis.

Johann and Johanna were among the pioneer farm families in Center township. John was influential in his community, helping to establish roads and services. He helped establish a creamery and cheese factory in the village of Church, the Calhoun Creamery.

Johann was an active member of the Congregational Church. "The German Evangelical Congregational Society of Lansing Ridge was incorporated October 19, 1868 with the following named trustees: Frederick Lenz, Johann Engelhorn and Isaac Bechtel." Read the prayer that Johann Thomas kept with him during his travels.

Johann and Johanna lived on their farm in Center Township, Allamakee County for 25 years until 1898 when John got the "Dakota fever" and they left a good, comfortable home to take a homestead near Wagner, South Dakota, 12 miles south and west of Armour. They sold this homestead to their son Louis in 1903 and returned to Churchtown in Allamakee County, to retire. Soon after 1910 they moved to Ellensburg, Washington.

Johann married Johanna Frederika ZIMMERMAN "Jannie", daughter of Frederick and Katherine ZIMMERMAN, on 20 May 1868 in Makee Township, Iowa. Jannie was born 18 Apr 1843 in Illingen, Germany. She died 10 Sep 1914 in Ellensburg, Washington.

They had six children:

Louis Frederick ENGLEHORN was born 1 Sep 1868 and died 27 Aug 1948.  
Charles ENGLEHORN was born 1870 in Lansing, Iowa. He died in 1878 in Lansing.
Gustav ENGELHORN was born 11 Jun 1871 and died 30 Aug 1915.
Fred John ENGLEHORN was born 14 Oct 1874 and died 2 Apr 1968.
Anna Katherine ENGLEHORN was born 5 Jun 1876 and died 6 Dec 1964.
Louisa J. ENGLEHORN was born 28 Jan 1882 and died 21 Feb 1973.
Second Generation
2. Louis Frederick ENGLEHORN "Lew" (Johann Thomas) was born 1 Sep 1868 in near the village of Church on Lansing Ridge, Allamakee county, Iowa. He died 27 Aug 1948 in Ames, Iowa and was buried in Wagner, South Dakota. His name is "Ludwig" in the family Bible. 

As a young man he learned the carpenter trade and at age 21 went to Sioux City, Iowa where he worked at various jobs before moving to Rock Valley, Iowa to work as a farm hand. It was here that he met Katherina Frederika Loepp, a young school teacher in Hull, Iowa. She was also German, from near Marienburg, probably in the village of Koeniglich-Blumenau, then in East Prussia.

Louis preferred farming and after their marriage the young couple took a homestead in South Dakota adjoining that of his father, southwest of Armour near the Greenwood Indian Reservation of the Yankton Sioux.

Lew, as he was known to friends and neighbors, was a leading citizen of the county and always active in community affairs. He served on the township board and on the school board of Plain Center Township. He was active in organizing cooperative grain elevators and lumber yards in Wagner and Ravinia.

He was active in local politics but, being a strong Republican in a strongly Democratic county, he never succeeded in winning a seat in the state legislature. After Katie's death in 1930 he retired from active farming in 1937 and moved to California to live with his son Theodore. Louis was an accomplished woodworker and cabinet maker. [Read a letter to Louis from his cousin Abraham dated 1939.]

Louis married Katharina LOEPP "Katie", daughter of David Ferdinand LOEPP and Minna Renata ORTMANN "Minnie", on 30 Mar 1898 in Hull, Iowa. Katie was born 18 Oct 1873 in Marienburg, West Prussia, Germany. She died 25 Jun 1930 in Plain Center township, Charles Mix county, South Dakota and was buried 29 Jun 1930 in Wagner, South Dakota. 

Katie came to Hull, Iowa with her parents in 1880 when she was seven years old. She had attended schools in Germany and continued her education in Hull and in country schools near the Loepp home. She completed her high school education at the Academy at Hull and later attended Kansas State Teachers College, at Emporia, from November 1893 until June 1894.

Katie taught in schools in the vicinity of Hull and Rock Valley, Iowa for about two years before entering the Normal School and three or four years after that until her marriage.

Katie was never in good health, but she found time for Sunday school and church activities and to effectively educate and direct the lives of her children. She was a deeply religious person, solid in her belief in the Christian faith and mindful of the work of the church. She was instrumental in establishing Sunday school and church services in the neighborhood school house and later helped to establish a congregation and promote building a church in the nearby town of Ravinia.

They had eight children:

Alfred John ENGLEHORN was born 26 Mar 1900 and died 19 Feb 1983.
Carl Louis ENGLEHORN was born 20 Jan 1902 and died 19 Aug 1973.
Theodore David ENGLEHORN M.D. was born 18 Jun 1903 and died 27 May 2007.
Erma Louise ENGLEHORN was born 4 Dec 1904 and died 11 Oct 1990.
Raymond Arnold ENGLEHORN was born 21 Oct 1906 and died 4 Sep 1994.
Loretta ENGLEHORN was born 11 Jul 1908 in Plain Center township, South Dakota. She died 6 Sep 2003 in San Francisco, California and was buried 11 Sep 2003 in San Bruno, California.

Loretta graduated valedictorian from Ravinia High School and attended South Dakota State University, earning her BS degree in home economics. She did post-graduate studies at Colorado State University; the University of California, Berkeley; San Jose State College; College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland; San Francisco State College and City College, San Francisco. She taught home economics from 1931 to 1944 in high schools in South Dakota, Iowa and California. In 1944 she began work as a dietitian at Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco and worked there until her retirement in 1973.

Loretta was active in athletics and music in high school and sang in choral groups in college. Loretta's hobbies included travel, fishing, gardening, needlework and watercolor painting. She was a member of the San Francisco Women Artists and a member of the Reformed Church of America.

Loretta married Dan HITE, son of Nick HITE and Eva FAILOR, on 25 Jun 1947 in San Pedro, California. Dan was born 9 Jul 1900 in Memphis, Tennessee. He died 13 Sep 1964 in San Francisco ,California.

Dan served 12 years in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, then as a hospital attendant and finally as a receptionist in a mortuary.

Vernon Arthur ENGLEHORN was born 27 Sep 1912 and died 25 Mar 2003.
Helen Kathrine ENGLEHORN was born 13 Sep 1914 and died 6 Nov 2012.
4. Gustav ENGELHORN "Gus" (Johann Thomas) was born 11 Jun 1871 in Center Township, Iowa. He died 30 Aug 1915 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 1 Sep 1915 in Lansing. 

Gustav attended grade school in Center Township, near Lansing. He farmed with his parents in Center Township until his marriage when he bought a farm of his own. In 1910 he sold that farm and bought a home and 160 acres on the outskirts of Lansing where he farmed until his death in 1915.

Gus was a violinist and played with a group for country dances. He was a member of the German Presbyterian Church.

In the Lansing Mirror, 1901, "Gus Engelhorn has been making relentless war on 'varmints' infecting his neighborhood and succeeded in gathering in a wildcat and a fox during the past week. It has to be a sly fox indeed to outwit him."

Gustav was the only one of his brothers and sisters to retain the German EL spelling of the name. His children all changed it to LE when they went to school.

Gus married Mathilda WENDEL, daughter of John J. WENDEL and Gertrude Catherine HUETTER, on 2 Mar 1898 in Allamakee county, Iowa. Mathilda was born 15 Sep 1878 in Churchtown, Iowa. She died 22 Oct 1954 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 26 Oct 1954 in Lansing.

They had five children:

Charlotta Johanna ENGLEHORN was born 10 Apr 1899 and died 24 Aug 1978.
Hazel Gertrude ENGLEHORN was born 19 Sep 1901 and died 12 Aug 1988.
Harold Gustave ENGLEHORN was born 1 Nov 1904 and died 12 Jun 1976.
Esther M. ENGLEHORN was born 26 Mar 1907 and died 17 Jun 1998.
Ruth Bernice ENGLEHORN was born 6 Jul 1910 and died 7 May 1983.
5. Fred John ENGLEHORN "Fred" (Johann Thomas) was born 14 Oct 1874 in Church, Allamakee, Iowa. He died 2 Apr 1968 in Vancouver, Washington and was buried 5 Apr 1968 in Ellensburg, Washington. 

Fred left home in 1892 at age 18 and went to Wisconsin where he worked as a mechanic with his cousin Abraham Engelhorn (in the Jacob Line.) Beginning at age 21 he worked as freight and passenger engineer on the railroad for five years. He was forced to quit because of ill health. He later worked for a time in North Dakota running threshing rigs. A family story relates that one time while moving his threshing crew to another field the way was blocked by a railroad train. The engineer refused to move the train so Fred climbed aboard, threw the engineer off and moved the train himself.

Fred went to Ellensburg, Washington in 1903 where he worked as carpenter, millman and logger in partnership with his brothers-in-law Carl Ortman and John Weston as the Kittitas Lumber Company. Fred ran the mill and Carl was the business manager and ran the logging operation.

Fred was a master millwright and planer operator. After the dissolution of the partnership in 1928, he continued working as planerman, engineer and carpenter with the Ellensburg Lumber Company until retirement in 1946. After retirement he still continued to work until nearly age 80.

Fred was a member of the Ellensburg Moose Lodge. He lived the last year of his life in Vancouver, Washington.

Fred married (1) Emma ANDERSON on 15 Nov 1895 in Larimore, North Dakota. Emma was born about 1875 in Larimore, and died 17 Mar 1897 in North Dakota. They had one child:

Emma ENGELHORN was born 10 Sep 1896 in North Dakota. No more is known.

Fred also married (2) Agnes R. KROUSE "Agnes" on 16 Oct 1917 in Onaga, Kansas. Agnes was born about 1885 - 1886. She died 13 Aug 1968 in Vancouver, Washington.

6. Anna Katherine ENGLEHORN "Aunt Annie" (Johann Thomas) was born 5 Jun 1876 in Lansing, Iowa. She died 6 Dec 1964 in Yakima, Washington and was buried 9 Dec 1964 in Ellensburg, Washington.

Aunt Annie married John F. WESTON on 5 Sep 1900 in Kennedy, South Dakota. John was born 9 Aug 1871 in Sweden. He died 3 Jul 1944 in Ellensburg, Washington.

John came to the United States from Sweden in 1889. The family settled in South Dakota and later moved to the Kittitas Valley in Washington in 1902 where John joined with his brothers-in-law, Carl Ortman and Fred Englehorn in the lumber business in 1903. However, he would rather be farming, so he left the lumbering partnership between 1910 and 1914 and bought a farm near Ellensburg. In 1919 the Westons bought another farm in Grandview where they farmed until they retired in 1943 in Ellensburg.

They had four children:

Herbert J. WESTON was born 27 May 1901 in Armour, South Dakota. He died 3 Jan 1969 in Stockton, California and was buried 7 Jan 1969 in Stockton.

Herbert was manager of a shoe store in San Francisco.

Alice WESTON was born 26 Jun 1905 in Troy, Idaho.

Alice attended a business college and worked for many years in banks in Seattle.

She married (1) Wade SHERRARD in 1926. The marriage ended in divorce. Wade was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He was a car salesman.

Alice also married (2) James CLARKE on 24 Aug 1945 in Seattle, Washington. James was born 11 Mar 1902 in Washington. He died 17 May 1973 in Marysville, Washington.

James worked for the city of Seattle in their automotive repair department.

Harold WESTON was born 19 Apr 1908 in Ellensburg, Washington. He died Aug 1950 in Ellensburg.
Ester Marion WESTON was born 5 Apr 1913 and died 28 Nov 1996.
7. Louisa J. ENGLEHORN (Johann Thomas) was born 28 Jan 1882 in Lansing, Allamakee, Iowa. She died 21 Feb 1973 in Des Moines, Washington and was buried 24 Feb 1973 in Ellensburg, Washington. 

Louisa was a member of the Ellensburg Rebekah Lodge and the Lake Burien Presbyterian Church, Seattle. She lived in Ellensburg until 1950 and moved to Seattle to be near her two daughters there. She passed away in a nursing home in Des Moines, Washington.

Louisa married Carl F. ORTMAN, son of Carl Michael ORTMANN Sr. and Elizabeth LOEPP, on 23 Apr 1902 in Kennedy, South Dakota. Carl was born 21 May 1875 in Liebwalde, Germany. He died 13 Dec 1939 in Ellensburg, Washington and was buried in Ellensburg.

Carl came to the United States with his parents, brother and sister in 1891 directly to Hull, Iowa where his father farmed for a number of years.

Carl undoubtedly received a good education in Germany, which he completed at the Academy in Hull, after which he taught school for a few years in western Iowa. He entered Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, South Dakota in the fall of 1899 and it is believed he attended for only one year.

Carl enlisted in the Army in the Spanish-American War in June 1898. He was promoted to Musician in the Regimental Band from Company M, 52nd Iowa Infantry in August 1898. He was honorably discharged and mustered out at Des Moines, Iowa in October 1898 after having contracted malaria.

About 1900 he came to Wagner, South Dakota where he entered the lumber business. In the fall of 1903 Carl and Louisa moved to Ellensburg, Washington in the Kittitas Valley. Here he joined his brothers-in-law Fred Engelhorn and John Weston to form the Kittitas Lumber Company. Carl was the business manager and ran the logging operation. Fred ran the mill with John. However, John loved farming and left the partnership between 1910 and 1914 to pursue that interest.

After John left, the company continued to grow under the direction of Carl and Fred until in 1927 they were one of the largest mills in central Washington with some of the best milling and logging machinery available. They were the largest employer in the valley with about 100 employees in the woods and the mill.

The company was dissolved in 1928 as a result of financial problems at the start of the Great Depression with a heavy debt load on expensive locomotives and planers, and falling lumber prices. The assets were sold to Cabin Creek Lumber Company and the partnership between Carl and Fred was dissolved.

Carl continued to work through the depression as a retail lumberman in his own small business; trucking lumber from big surviving mills on the west coast. He opened two retail lumber yards in 1931 and was still operating one yard at the time of his death in 1939.

Carl Ortmann knew and lived the lumber business. He was a hard working and solid businessman, a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge and the United Spanish American War Veterans.

They had five children:

Ruth Louise ORTMAN was born 20 Nov 1904 and died 14 Apr 1992.
Mildred ORTMAN was born 11 Jan 1910 and died 22 Feb 1994.
Gertrude ORTMAN was born 22 Jan 1917 in Ellensburg, Washington. She died in 1942.

Gertrude never married.

Dorothy ORTMAN was born 30 Jul 1919 in Ellensburg, Washington. She dies 16 October 2013 at the age of 94.

Dorothy attended grade schools in Seattle and Ellensburg and graduated from Ellensburg High School. She attended Central Washington State College in Ellensburg, obtaining her degree in education. She also attended Seattle Pacific College, the Bible Institute of Los Angeles and the University of Washington in Seattle.

Dorothy served as a missionary in Japan under The Evangelical Alliance Mission, 1948-1952 and The Japan Evangelical Mission, 1963-1968. She held various teaching positions in the primary grade levels, teaching retarded children in Seattle. She also taught remedial reading in Oregon and Idaho. Dorothy's hobbies included swimming and skating. She was in charge of the jail services for women with the Union Gospel Mission at the King County Jail.

Warren Carl ORTMAN was born 19 Sep 1922.
Third Generation
8. Alfred John ENGLEHORN "Al"  (Louis Frederick ENGLEHORN, Johann Thomas)  was born 26 Mar 1900 in Charles Mix county, South Dakota. He died 19 Feb 1983 in Ames, Iowa and was buried 22 Feb 1983 in Ames. 

Alfred obtained his grade school education in the country schools and attended Wagner High School. He entered South Dakota State University in 1918 and was awarded his BS degree with a major in Agronomy in 1923, completing two years of preparatory and four years of college in five years. He was awarded the M.S. degree in Agronomy from Iowa State University in 1925.

He farmed with his father for two years in 1917-18 and 1923-24. From June 1925 until retirement he was an assistant professor in the Agronomy Department at Iowa State University.

Alfred was a member of the American Society of Agronomy, the Iowa Academy of Science, Iowa Ornithologists Union, Iowa Genealogical Society and others. He was a member of the Lions Club and served on its board and was a charter member of the Ames Isaac Walton League, also serving on its board. He was active in numerous community organizations and affairs, especially Camp Fire Girls and the Boy Scouts of America.

He was a life-long member of the Methodist Church and served on church boards and commissions. His hobbies included stamp collecting, genealogy, and ornithology.

Alfred married Letha NORTON "Lettie", daughter of Dana Freeman NORTON and Etta Mae DORAN, on 12 Aug 1927 in Nashua, Iowa. She was born 13 Sep 1902 in Ontario, Iowa. She died 20 May 1992 in Denver, Colorado and was buried 30 May 1992 in Ames, Iowa. 

Letha graduated from Ames High School and Iowa State University. She was a charter member of the Collegiate Methodist Church which she joined in 1916. (1986 she was presented a certificate commemorating 70 years of membership in the Church.) She worked as a secretary at Iowa State University for many years and served on numerous boards and commissions for her church, was active in the Women's Society and for 13 years worked as church secretary and administrative assistant. She was a lover of music and an accomplished pianist. She loved to cook, but needlework was her consuming interest along with collecting antique glassware.

They had three children:

James A. ENGLEHORN "Jim" was born 16 Dec 1932 in Ames, Iowa.

Jim attended the Ames schools, and graduated from Iowa State University with a BSc degree in geology. He worked for Phillips Petroleum Company as a petroleum geologist in Colorado, New Mexico, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. After eight years in Calgary he was transferred to South America (Peru and Bolivia), then to Norway and Indonesia. In 1983 he was transferred back to Denver, taking early retirement in 1986.

Since retirement from the oil business Jim has worked as a volunteer and part-time employee at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Jim was active in Boy Scouts attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. He was an avid skier, enjoys fly fishing, hiking, ornithology and photography.

Jim married June E. COX, daughter of Homer Lee COX and Elizabeth Wilhelmina Caroline GNUSE, on 11 Jul 1959 in Durango, Colorado. June was born 3 Sep 1935 in La Grange, Missouri.

June received her education in the schools of La Grange, Missouri and Quincy, Illinois, and Western Illinois State College. She moved to Denver where she worked for various businesses in the Denver area until she was transferred to Durango, Colorado with Amerada Petroleum.

In Calgary she took a course in braille transcription and since 1970 has been devoted to putting reading material into braille for the blind wherever she was living. She has upgraded from manual braille transcription to computerized braille and has produced numerous text books for college-level blind students as well as manuals, procedures, and other materials for the working blind.

June enjoys hiking, bird watching and the study of mountain wild flowers.

Ruth Marie ENGLEHORN was born 30 Aug 1935 in Ames, Iowa. She died 13 Sep 1935 in Ames and was buried Sep 1935 in Ames.
Susan Lee ENGLEHORN "Susan" was born 26 Apr 1941 in Ames, Iowa.

Susan received her elementary and high school education in the Ames schools, graduating from high school in 1959, highest in her class of 197. She attended Ohio Wesleyan University and the University of Colorado, graduating with a BS degree in sacred music and pipe organ. She attended Union Theological Seminary in New York, obtaining her MS degree in sacred music and pipe organ in June1965.

Susan began study on the piano at the age of eight, violin at 10 and pipe organ at 16. She was a member of several local school chamber groups and orchestras and was a member of the Iowa State University Symphony while still in high school. She served as choir director at Christ Congregational Church in Denver while studying at the University of Colorado and while in New York was organist and choir director at Bernadotte Lutheran and University Heights Presbyterian Churches, both in the Bronx.

After graduation at Union she became organist and choir director in First Congregational Church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She resigned that position to become Music Director in St. Paul's United Church, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. She later moved with her family to Subdury, Ontario, to take a similar position there. In 1995 she retired from her church duties in Sudbury and moved back to Thunder Bay.

Susan enjoys hiking, canoeing, fishing and cross country skiing. She is a member of the American Guild of Organists, Choresters Guild and Guild of English Handbell Ringers.

Susan married Lorraine Edward MARRIER "Larry", son of Ambroise Peter MARRIER and Ethel Florence COLSON, on 28 Mar 1969 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Larry was born 28 Mar 1920 in Fort William, Ontario, Canada.

9. Carl Louis ENGLEHORN "Carl" (Louis Frederick ENGLEHORN, Johann Thomas)  was born 20 Jan 1902 in Charles Mix county, South Dakota. He died 19 Aug 1973 in Edina, Minnesota.

Carl attended country schools and the Wagner and Ravinia, South Dakota High Schools. He received his BS degree in Agronomy from South Dakota State University in 1925. He was granted a research fellowship in soil Science and Chemistry at the University of Nebraska in 1928 and received his MS degree in 1930.

Carl taught high school science and mathematics in 1925-1926 and was a high school principal 1926-1927 in South Dakota. He was a research assistant in soil science at the University of Nebraska, 1930-1931; Assistant Professor of Agronomy, New Mexico State University, 1932-1935; Soil Scientist, Soil Conservation Service, Montana, 1935-1939; Project Manager, Soil Conservation Research, North Dakota, 1939-1949; Soil Scientist, Aerodynamics Wind Erosion Project, Kansas, 1950-1951; and at Hydrologic Research Station, Agricultural Research Service, Nebraska, 1952-1954. From 1955 to 1963 he was Soils Research Advisor, AID and USAID, in Bolivia and Paraguay. In 1963-1965 he held a similar position in Nigeria. Carl retired in 1965.

Carl was a member of the American Society of Agronomy, Soil Science society of America and the American Geophysical Union. He was elected to Sigma Xi, Gamma Sigma Delta and Phi Lambda Upsilon honor societies. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church and his hobby interest was the study of foreign peoples and their cultures.

Carl married Evelyn DICKINSON, daughter of Walter DICKINSON and Ida THOMPSON, on 1 Sep 1933 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Evelyn was born 20 Oct 1907 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She died 22 Feb 2007. They had three children:

Carl Louis ENGLEHORN Jr. was born 20 Jul 1934 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He died 20 Jun 2013.

Carl Jr.graduated from Hastings, Nebraksa, High School and from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in mathematics. He played clarinet in the University of Minnesota concert band.

Carl worked for Univac in St. Paul as a mathematician and computer programmer. He was subcontracted from August 1962 to July 1964 to Bell Telephone Labs to work on the Nike-Zeus Project on Kwajalein Island.

Carl was in the Army reserve program for six years with six months of active duty. He was discharged in 1965. His hobbies were fishing and music.

Carl married Delores L. JACOBSON on 5 Nov 1960 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Delores was born 4 Aug 1930 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

John Dickinson ENGLEHORN was born 29 Feb 1936 in Great Falls, Montana. He died 5 Jan 1952 in Faribault, Minnesota.
Marna Dot ENGLEHORN was born 12 Dec 1938 in Great Falls, Montana.

Marna attended grade schools in North Dakota and Kansas and graduated from Hastings, Nebraska High School. She attended the University of Minnesota and graduated Cum Laude with a BA degree in modern languages and political science.

She was employed as a computer programmer-analyst by the U.S Treasury Department in Chicago in 1963 and 1964. She joined the Univac Division of the Sperry Rand Corporation in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1971.

Marna’s hobbies are music, handcrafts and travel. She and David lived in Munich, Germany for two years shortly after their marriage and now enjoy visiting the western U.S. in their motor home.

Marna married David Eugene MILLARD, son of Raymond Eugene MILLARD and Rosa Mary LAKE, on 9 Oct 1971 in Santa Monica, California. David was born 27 Jan 1933 in Spokane, Washington.

10. Theodore David ENGLEHORN M.D. "Dr. Ted"  (Louis Frederick ENGLEHORN, Johann Thomas)  was born 18 Jun 1903 in Charles Mix county, South Dakota. He died 27 May 2007 in Salinas, California and was buried 2 Jun 2007 in Salinas, California. 

Dr. Ted obtained his grade school education in the country schools and graduated from Ravinia, South Dakota High School. He attended South Dakota State University at Brookings for two years and the University of Chicago for one year of pre-medical school followed by Northwestern University Medical School, graduating in the top third of his class with a BSc degree in medicine and science. He completed his general internship at Iowa Methodist Hospital, Des Moines and his residency in the Hospital for Ruptured and Crippled in New York City.

Dr. Englehorn joined the U.S. Army Reserve as First Lieutenant and became Camp Surgeon and Educational Advisor in Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps at Medora, North Dakota, later transferring to Washington and California. He entered private practice in King City, California and in 1940 moved to Salinas to continue in general practice, becoming the first orthopedic surgeon in Salinas. He became Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Monterey County Hospital and later its Consulting surgeon.

He was Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery of Alisal Community Hospital and on its executive committee for ten years. He served as Consulting Orthopedic Surgeon for the California State Correctional Facility, Consulting Surgeon for the California State Department of Rehabilitation.

Dr. Ted served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps from 1942-1946 in the South Pacific and in McCaw General Hospital in Walla Walla, Washington. He attained the rank of Major.

Dr. Englehorn was a member of the American Medical Association, the Monterey Academy of Medicine, the Western Orthopedic Association and a Fellow in the International College of Surgeons. He was listed in Who's Who in the West. Dr. Ted had a natural talent for music, played trumpet in bands through his high school and college days and directed bands during his CCC and Army service.

Ted married Arleta LANE, daughter of Walter F. LANE and Florence MACE, on 19 Feb 1930 in Des Moines, Iowa. Arleta was born 22 Jan 1909 in Clio, Iowa. She died 10 May 1995 in Salinas, California and was buried in Salinas.

Arleta graduated from Iowa Methodist Hospital School of Nursing in Des Moines. She worked as a surgical nurse in her husband's practice in Salinas. She was a member of First United Methodist Church in Salinas, past president of Monterey county Medical Auxiliary and a life member of Reveille Chapter No. 47 Order of Eastern Star, Past-president of Salinas Women's Club and active in P.T.A. She also served as a Cub Scout and Girl Scout leader plus anything her children were involved in.

They had three children:

Frances Arleta ENGLEHORN "Frances" was born 3 Dec 1932 in Lineville, Iowa.

Frances attended the public schools in King City and Salinas, California and Salinas Union High School. She attended Hartnell Junior College, Salinas and San Jose State College and graduated from St. Luke's School of Nursing, San Francisco. She is a registered nurse and was employed at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and Alta Bates Hospital, Berkeley, California as a surgical nurse.

Frances was active in the Methodist Church youth organization (MYF), Camp Fire Girls and Rainbow for Girls. She is a member of the Salinas Fine Arts Club. She is an avid golfer and served as the captain of the Women's Golf Association at Corral de Tierra Country Club. Frances does volunteer work for the American Red Cross blood program.

She married Thomas D. MILL, son of Thomas Henry MILL and Ellen May TONKIN, on 22 Jan 1956 in Salinas, California. Thomas was born 14 May 1931 in Butte, Montana.

Thomas graduated from Blaine Elementary School in Butte, Montana and Salinas Union High School in Salinas. He received his B.S degree in civil engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. He is the owner of Mill Construction Corporation, general contractors in commercial and industrial buildings. He recently turned the presidency of Mill Construction over to his son, Ernest, the third generation of the family to run the company.

Tom was active in sports. He continues to be busy with community affairs and has held leadership positions in many city, county, state, and national business organizations. He is an active leader in Boy Scouts and Little League baseball. He is an excellent skier and his race times at the Alpine Meadows annual Rotary Club slalom race have helped the Salinas Rotary Club win five years in a row.

Theodore David ENGLEHORN Jr. was born 7 Sep 1934 in Medora, North Dakota.

Ted was born in a log cabin in Medora when his father was Camp Surgeon there assigned to the Civilian Conservation Corps. He was educated in several schools around the country as his father was transferred with the Army. He graduated from Salinas Union High School in 1951 where he was active in the orchestra, playing clarinet. Ted was a member of the Central Coast Honor Band and Orchestra for three years and the California-Western Honor Band in San Diego while in his senior year. He attended Stanford University for three years and then entered Northwestern University Medical School, receiving a BS and MD degrees in Medicine.

He interned at Santa Clara County Hospital from 1958 to 1959 and became resident in General Surgery the following year. Ted volunteered for Army service and spent two years in the Army Medical Corps at the 225th Station Hospital in Muenchweiler an der Rodalb, West Germany. He completed his orthopedic residency in San Francisco at St. Mary's Hospital.

He returned to Salinas to join with his father’s practice. After Ted Sr. retired from active practice Ted, Jr. joined two colleagues in a medical corporation and continued in private practice in orthopedics until 1994 when, because of his age and the changing environment of medical practice, he entered semi-retired status. He continues to work for the corporation as consultant and as a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the California State Workers Compensation.

Ted was a member of many medically related associations. He has continued his interest in music, playing the five-string banjo and bagpipe. He was a member for several years of The First Salinas Valley Highlanders pipe band.

Ted and Carol were avid skiers and backpackers. He obtained an open water SCUBA diver certificate in his desire to do some of the things he always wanted to do but felt were too dangerous for a responsible husband and father, realizing there comes a time in life when you just have to say "Go For It."

Ted married Carol Ann JONES, daughter of Clarence JONES and Dorothy SINDING, on 30 Jun 1956 in Salinas, California. Carol was born 26 Apr 1936 in Trinidad, Colorado. She died 24 Oct 2011 in Salinas.

Carol graduated from Salinas Union High School and attended the University of California, Berkeley and Northwestern University Medical School where she completed the Clinical Laboratory Technology program. Carol was active in community affairs for many years and was a volunteer guide at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and a tour leader for the annual Salinas Steinbeck Festival.

Louis Fred ENGLEHORN was born 27 Nov 1942 in Salinas, California. He died 8 Nov 1965 in Modesto, California.

Louis graduated from Salinas High School and was in his last year of engineering studies at the University of the Pacific when he died in an automobile accident. He had worked as a surveyor for the California State Highway Department and was employed as assistant engineer for Stanislaus county, California.

Louis married Julianne ZIETAN on 17 Oct 1964 in Stockton, California. Julianne was born 1 Oct 1944.

11. Erma Louise ENGLEHORN "Erma"  (Louis Frederick ENGLEHORN, Johann Thomas)  was born 4 Dec 1904 in Charles Mix county, South Dakota. She died 11 Oct 1990 in Kansas City, Missouri and was buried 14 Oct 1990 in Kansas City.

Erma graduated valedictorian from Ravinia High School, South Dakota and obtained a BSc degree in home economics at South Dakota State University.

Erma was active in 4-H and Camp fire Girls. She played trombone in high school and university bands, studied piano through high school, and voice at university and sang in the University Girls Glee Club. She was a member of American Association of University Women, Eastern Star, Aeolian Club and the Kansas City Philharmonic Association. She was active in Republican politics at all levels, President of Heart of America Goldwater Clubs and on the board of the Kansas Federation of Republican Women's Clubs. Erma enjoyed stamp collecting, reading, antique glassware and books and liturature about politics and political science.

Erma married Forrest Urban FENN, son of George W. FENN and Anna E. MONSON, on 15 Aug 1928 in Ravinia, South Dakota. Forrest was born 10 Dec 1903 in Walnut, Illinois. He died 6 Mar 1985 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Forrest attended South Dakota State University at Brookings, South Dakota where he graduated with a B.S. degree in 1926. He received the M.S. degree from the University of Minnesota in 1927. He was on the academic staff of South Dakota State University from 1927-1943. In 1943 he went to work for the American Hereford Journal in Kansas City until his retirement in 1963.

They had two children:

Dorothy Erma FENN was born 12 Sep 1929 in Brookings, South Dakota. She died June 3, 2015 in Independence, Missouri.

Dorothy graduated from Shawnee Mission High School and from William Woods Junior College. She attended the University of Missouri for two years where she majored in English. Following school she worked for the Hereford Press, American Hereford Journal and the American Hereford Association. Since 1966 she was a substitute teacher in elementary, vocational and high schools.

Dorothy was active in Girl's Athletic Association, played trumpet in high school band, was an accomplished pianist, active in 4-H, Girl Scouts and Methodist Youth Fellowship. She has been an assistant Girl Scout leader and is a member of Beta Sigma Phi international service organization.

Dorothy married James Edward HAMILTON, son of Everett H. HAMILTON and Evelyn D. FITZPATRICK, on 15 Oct 1954 in Fairway, Kansas. James was born 11 Feb 1932 in Kansas City, Missouri. He died 26 Aug 2005 in Independence, Missouri and was buried 30 Aug 2005 in Independence, Missouri.

Jim served in the US Navy and retired from Loma Vista Hardware as store manager.

Dorothy is survived by children, Thomas James Hamilton, Versailles, Mo., Patricia Ann Siren and Daniel Edward Hamilton, both of Independence, four grandchildren, one step-grandchild and four great grandchildren.


Norma Louise FENN "Norma" was born 25 Apr 1933 in Brookings, South Dakota. She died 23 Mar 2001.

Norma graduated valedictorian at Shawnee Mission, High School and obtained a BA degree in creative writing from the University of Kansas. She was a member of National Honor Society in high school and on the Dean's honor roll at university.

Norma was an accomplished musician, played flute in ensembles, bands and orchestras throughout grade school, high school and college and in summer community bands. She was active in Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Girls. In high school she was in Pep Club, French Club, Drama Club, Order of Rainbow Girls and Methodist Youth Fellowship. In university she was a member of University Chorus, Quill Club, YWCA and the Young Republicans.

Prior to her marriage, Norma was employed in real estate, a clerk in a law firm and as an insurance underwriter. She was named Typical Insurance Woman of Greater Kansas City in 1958. Norma was active in civic and political affairs, serving on local election boards and in Women's Republican clubs. She was a member of Beta Sigma Phi, women's sorority, Evangelical Covenant Church. Her hobbies included skiing, water skiing, boating and family outings.

Norma married Thomas Lee WHITE, son of Raymond WHITE, on 13 Jun 1964 in Fairway, Kansas. Thomas was born 13 Mar 1929 in Kansas City, Kansas.

12. Raymond Arnold ENGLEHORN "Ray"  (Louis Frederick ENGLEHORN, Johann Thomas)  was born 21 Oct 1906 in Charles Mix county, South Dakota. He died 4 Sep 1994 in Luck, Wisconsin and was buried 10 Sep 1994 in Menno, South Dakota. 

Raymond grew up on the farm homesteaded by his father and grandfather on the Yankton Sioux Indian Reservation. He attended one-room schools in the county and Ravinia Consolidated, graduating from high school in 1924. He attended South Dakota State University and the University of Nebraska, graduating with a BS degree in animal science. During the Great Depression when jobs were very difficult to find he was forced to stay home and operate the family farm from 1931 to 1936. The farm failed during this time because of bank foreclosures and the poor economic conditions. Ray took a temporary job with the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. Later he worked for the Department of Interior conducting an economic survey of the Rosebud and Yankton Sioux Reservations. The Sioux Indians adopted him and named him "Chat-ka-Wambadee-Hey", which roughly translated meant "Left-handed Eagle-horn."

In 1936 he was with the US Resettlement Administration in North and South Dakota serving as Soils Scientist and Acting Manager. He taught agriculture in the Chester, South Dakota high school from 1938 to 1940, was a fieldman and farm management supervisor for Union Central Life Insurance Company in South Dakota, 1940-1948 and an appraiser for Doane Agricultural Service in Audubon county, Iowa. By this time he had finally saved enough money to pay off the back taxes and the Federal Land Bank Loan on the homestead near Wagner and bought a farm near Menno. He raised corn, oats, alfalfa and pure-bred shorthorn cattle.

Raymond was active in athletics and band in high school and was a member of 4-H. He was a 4-H leader for 15 years and a member of the United Methodist Church where he was on the administrative board, choir member and a delegate to the South Dakota Methodist Council for several years. He was also a member of the school board and vice president of the Livestock Improvement Association and the American Shorthorn Association.

In 1980 he sold his farm because of ill health and retired to Menno, South Dakota where joined the United Church of Christ and busied himself with bird carving and bird watching. Wherever he lived, Ray always enjoyed singing in the choir and in men's quartets.

Ray married Ina Ruth BOEGLER, daughter of Charles BOEGLER and Verna Lillian LENKER, on 15 Jun 1938 in Olivet, South Dakota. Ina was born 29 Jul 1909 in Menno, South Dakota. She died 24 Jul 1992 in Forest Lake, Minnesota and was buried in Menno, South Dakota.

They had two children:

Lynn Eldon ENGLEHORN "Lynn" was born 20 Jun 1940 in Madison, South Dakota.

Lynn is a graduate of Scotland, South Dakota, High School and attended South Dakota School of Mines in Rapid City where he obtained his BS degree in mechanical engineering.

After graduation, Lynn worked for Sargent & Lundy, consulting engineers in Chicago.

Lynn was active in 4-H, Future Farmers of America and Methodist Youth Fellowship. He was on several livestock and crops judging teams, showed a reserve champion steer at the South Dakota State Fair and took fourth place at the American Royal Stock Show in Kansas City. He is an active member of the Methodist Church and works with the Boy Scouts of America as a leader of a troop of Hmong Scouts.

Lynn married Paulette KOCH, daughter of Andrew KOCH and Christine HECKER, on 26 Sep 1964 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Paulette was born 22 Oct 1943 in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Gary Lee ENGLEHORN "Gary" was born 25 Dec 1941 in Huron, South Dakota.

Gary obtained his education in the Hutchinson County schools and graduated from Scotland, South Dakota, High School. He attended South Dakota State University and the University of South Dakota at Springfield, where he earned a BS degree in biology. He farmed for a few years with his father, taught high school biology for a time and then returned to farming until his father sold the farm in 1980 and he moved his family to Bucyrus, Missouri where they continue to farm and raise Angus cattle.

Gary was active in athletics, band and chorus in high school, a member of 4-H and Future Farmers of America. He served as state treasurer for 4-H and was a member of the state livestock judging team. He showed the grand champion heifer at the South Dakota State Fair two years. He was a member of the college glee club and chorus and folk singers groups. He is a member of the United Methodist Church.

Gary married Esther Pauline BROWN on 7 Jun 1964 in Arlington, South Dakota. Esther was born 5 Aug 1942 in Arlington.

14. Vernon Arthur ENGLEHORN "Vern"  (Louis Frederick ENGLEHORN, Johann Thomas)  was born 27 Sep 1912 in Charles Mix county, South Dakota. He died 25 Mar 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Vernon graduated from Ravinia High School and earned a BS degree in agricultural economics from Iowa State University. He was a farm manager in South Dakota for a life insurance company from 1937 to 1941; and in farm management and appraisal work, 1942-1951 in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri for Doane Agricultural Service. He joined Western Farm Management Company in Phoenix, Arizona in 1952. In 1955 he became a co-owner and president of the company, establishing offices in several other Western states.

In 1974 he sold his interest in this company and moved to Denver where he continued independent ranch management and appraisal work.

Vern was active in athletics in high school. He was a 4-H member and president of his high school class. In university he was on the staff of the student newspaper and president of the Agricultural Economics Club.

He was a member of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers and was vice president of the Western Regional District for the Society.

Vern was a member of the United Methodist Church, a Boy Scout leader and enjoyed outdoor activities. He became a student of Western American history while completing several valuations of historical (1868) Native American land holdings for the U.S Department of Justice.

Vern married Margaret Ellinor CONNER, daughter of Robert Moore CONNER and Minnie Isabelle MCMURRIN, on 29 Nov 1937 in Cherokee, Iowa. Margaret was born 29 Sep 1917 in Cherokee and died 27 Nov 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona.

They had two children:

Con Arthur ENGLEHORN was born 14 Dec 1940 in Yankton, South Dakota.

Con graduated from Camelback High School in Phoenix and obtained a BS degree in agricultural busines from Colorado State University, Fort Collins. After graduation he was associated with his father at Western Farm Management Company in Phoenix from 1964 to 1974. In 1974 he formed his own company, Headquarters West, specializing in farm and ranch appraisals and sales. Con is an active member of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, serving as president in 1982. He is also active in various community functions.

Con was active in Boy Scouts, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, and participated in band and athletics, president of Lettermen Club and elected to Key Club. His hobbies include fishing, hiking, skiing and music.

Con married Joy Lynne ANDERSON, daughter of Richard ANDERSON and Rose Marie SCHWAB, on 26 Aug 1962 in Littleton, Colorado. Joy was born 18 Nov 1942 in Denver, Colorado.

Curtis Scott ENGLEHORN "Scott" was born 9 Mar 1943 in Quincy, Illinois.

Scott graduated from Camelback High School in Phoenix and attended Oregon State University for two years, then transferred to San Jose State College, California where he earned his BS degree.

Scott was active in Boy Scouts, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout and was a participant in high school athletics and a member of Lettermen's Club.

Scott enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1966 at San Diego. He received medical training in Balboa Hospital and was sent to Hawaii in 1967 where he was attached to the U.S. Marine Corps. He was sent to Da Nang, Vietnam in October 1969 where he was a medic to the 3rd Combined Action Group attached to a Marine Division.

After his Vietnam service, Scott entered graduate school at San Diego State University where he earned his MS degree in Environmental Science. Scott has his own business as an environmental consultant serving land owners and city and county agencies in Southern California.

Scott married Susan Daryl WATTS, daughter of William WATTS and Joyce THOMPKINSON, on 6 Feb 1981 in Coronado, California. The marriage ended in divorce. Susie was born 27 Jul 1949 in Los Angeles, California.

15. Helen Kathrine ENGLEHORN "Helen" (Louis Frederick ENGLEHORN, Johann Thomas) was born 13 Sep 1914 in Charles Mix county, South Dakota. She died 6 Nov 2012 in Boulder, Colorado.

Helen graduated from Ravinia High School and attended South Dakota State University for two years and Iowa State University, obtaining her BS degree in history and English.

Helen taught social studies, English and music in junior and senior high schools in Iowa, South Dakota, Nevada and was a teacher of music at South Dakota State University. From 1963 through 1968 she was Educational Assistant at the First Methodist Church in Boulder.

Helen was active in music and sang in various music groups in university and was elected to Sigma Alpha Iota, honorary music fraternity.

Helen helped organize the Boulder United Methodist Mission Partnership and was its chairperson for three years. She served with this group on Methodist work teams in Haiti, Mexico and Alaska.

In 1987 she was a lay-delegate to the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and attended their conference that year in Moscow. She was a member of East Boulder Optimists Club and was its first president. Helen's hobbies include hiking, music, theater and travel, especially Elder Hostel. She and John were members of the Rocky Mountain Climbing Club.

Helen married (1) Lyle Morgan BENDER, son of Charles Henry BENDER and Adah MORGAN, on 16 Sep 1938 in Huron, South Dakota. Lyle was born 2 Jul 1912 in Bradley, South Dakota. He died 18 Nov 1959 in Reno, Nevada.

Lyle obtained his BS and MS degrees at South Dakota State University and a PhD in public administration from Harvard University. He served as County Extension Agent in South Dakota and as an economist at South Dakota State University. Later he was Associate Director of Extension Services at the University of Nevada at Reno.

They had three children:

Raymond Lyle BENDER "Ray" was born 17 Aug 1943 in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Ray attended grade schools in Brookings, South Dakota and graduated from High School in Reno, Nevada. He attended Colorado State University, Fort Collins and earned a B.S. degree in Social Sciences. In 1972 he graduated from the University of Denver with a Juris Doctor degree. He has worked in the insurance title industry from and was vice president and regional manager for Chicago Title Insurance Company when he retired in 1996. He continues to do consulting work for Chicago Title and others.

Raymond was active in Boy Scouts, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout and earning the God and Country Award and Order of the Arrow. He was an active participant in music, band and chorus in school, skiing and track in college. His hobbies include skiing, spoiling a good walk with golf, and travel.

Ray married Patrice MILES, daughter of W. L. MILES Jr. and Margaret Jane KENYON, on 28 Aug 1967 in Denver, Colorado. Patrice was born 8 Nov 1946 in Denver.

Patrice graduated from George Washington High School in Denver and received a B.S. degree from the University of Denver. She taught school for five years and is now a homemaker and a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Dean Robert BENDER "Dean" was born 8 Apr 1946 in Brookings, South Dakota.

Dean attended the public schools of Brookings, South Dakota and Reno, Nevada and graduated from Boulder, Colorado high school. He was a Regent's Scholarship recipient at the University of Colorado and graduated cum laude with a BSc degree in organic chemistry. Dean was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa, national scholastic honorary, at the University of Colorado.

Dean was an active Boy Scout, attained the rank of Eagle, earned the God and Country award and the Order of the Arrow. In high school he was president of the science club, National Honor Society and was active in drama and Thespian Club. While in university he was vice president of Honors Union council, listed in Who's Who in American Colleges, granted the Phillips Award for outstanding chemist, among others.

Dean was a research chemist in the Process Research Department, Merck Research Labs, Rahway, New Jersey before retiring.

Dean married Beth Ann RHEEM, daughter of Albert LeRoy RHEEM and Louise Helen LORENZ, on 3 Sep 1989. Beth was born 17 Oct 1960 in St. Marys, Pennsylvania.

Beth Ann was a part-time chemistry teacher at Union County Community College in Cranford, New Jersey.

Janet Kathrine BENDER was born 28 Jul 1949 in Brookings, Brookings, South Dakota.

Janet graduated from Boulder High School and obtained her B.S. degree from Colorado State University and an M.A. at the University of Northern Colorado. She is a member of Phi Delta Kappa National Education Honorary and has been a teacher of special education since 1974.

The Suttons moved to Reston, Virginia in 1992 where Jan taught middle school learning-disabled students at Thoreau Middle School in Fairfax County.

She is a member of the Reston Chorale and PTA. She was an active member of Methodist Youth Fellowship, sang in school choirs and Madrigal Singers. She was elected to Psi Chi National Psychology Honor Society.

Janet married William Robert SUTTON "Bill", son of Rollin Robert SUTTON and Blanche Margaret DEFORGE, on 18 Jun 1977 in Boulder, Colorado. The marriage ended in divorce. Bill was born 21 Jan 1952 in Burlington, Vermont.

Bill Sutton attended South Burlington High School in Vermont and the New Hampshire Technical Institute. Bill worked in computer systems and design for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. He is a member of Knights of Columbus, Family of Man Council, and St. Neumann Parish.

Helen also married (2) John Bradley WINSTED on 28 Dec 1985 in Boulder, Colorado. John was born 10 Aug 1904 in Cartersburg, Indiana. He died 14 Sep 2001 in Boulder, Colorado.

16. Charlotta Johanna ENGLEHORN (Gustav, Johann Thomas) was born 10 Apr 1899 in Center Twp, Allamakee county, Iowa. She died 24 Aug 1978 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 28 Aug 1978 in Lansing. She was a member of the Lansing American Legion Auxiliary.

Charlotta married Clyde H. ROEDER Sr. "Uncle Duzzy", son of George Firdinand ROEDER and Anna Jane MCKEE, on 13 May 1915 in Lansing, Iowa. Duzzy was born 18 Oct 1891 in Iowa City, Iowa. He died 18 Apr 1968 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 22 Apr 1968 in Lansing.

"Uncle Duzzy" served in the Mexican war and the Spanish American war and was in France in WW I. He was a tavern and restaurant owner in Lansing; "Duzzy's Tavern". He was also a professional billiard and card player and would go as far as La Crosse to find a card game. He bought his restaurant after leaving the service in 1919 and sold it to his son when he retired in 1947.

They had three children:

Cleon Anna ROEDER was born 26 Nov 1915 in Lansing, Iowa. She died 17 Mar 1996 in Lansing, and was buried 21 Mar 1996 in Lansing.

Cleon graduated from Lansing High School and then moved to Waterloo, Iowa where she worked as a telephone operator for a short time before her marriage. Cleon worked for many years at the Lansing Button Factory and later worked as a cook in the Lansing school system.

Cleon married (1) William Carl MUNCHOFF on 7 Oct 1940 in Lancaster, Michigan. The marriage ended in divorce. William was born 6 Mar 1919 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He died 20 Oct 1982 in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Cleon also married (2) Theodore William MUNZ "Tade" on 26 Jul 1952. Tade was born 27 Sep 1908 in Lafayette Twp, Allamakee county, Iowa.

Kathryn Joyce ROEDER "Chic" was born 12 Apr 1920 in Lansing, Iowa. She died 7 Nov 1994 in Lansing and was buried 11 Nov 1994 in Lansing.

Chic attended school in Lansing and was a keypunch operator for the Lansing Company.

She married (1) William Merl CAVERS, son of Adam CAVERS and Jeanette BROOKS, on 21 Aug 1947 in Waukon, Iowa. William was born 1921 in Lafayette Twp, Iowa.

William was a truck driver. One Christmas Eve he went out for a pack of cigarettes and was never seen or heard from again.

Chic also married (2) Roy Edward COLE, son of Joe COLE and Alice BOLSINGER, on 9 Sep 1953 in Caledonia, Minnesota. Roy was born 19 May 1919. He died 13 Apr 1990 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 16 Apr 1990 in Lansing.

Roy Served in the U.S. Army during World War II in Italy from 1941-1945 and was awarded the Purple Heart Medal in 1944. After the war he worked in construction in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area for over 20 years, retiring in 1980. Roy was a member of VFW Post 5981 in Lansing, American Legion and Disabled Veterans.

Clyde Henry ROEDER Jr. "Bud" was born 23 Jun 1922 in Lansing, Iowa. He died 22 Nov 1999 in Waukon, Iowa and was buried 24 Nov 1999 in Lansing.

Clyde joined the air force in April 1942 and attended radio school in Louisiana. Following radio school, he volunteered to be an aerial gunner. He flew 18 missions for the 11th Air Force, all out of the Aleutian Islands on the same plane with the same 11-man crew.

"The plane was hit some, but never shot down," said Roeder. "We flew the first two missions that dropped bombs on Japan."

After the campaign he spent the rest of the war in Houston, Texas training radio operators for future combat. He was discharged in 1945. "I can truthfully say I had a great experience and probably had more happy days than sad days," he said.

He operated Roeder's Tavern in Lansing from 1946 until 1969. In 1969 he moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he lived until retiring in the late 1980s. He served one term as Lansing's mayor.

"Bud" was an outdoors man who pursued hunting and fishing with remarkable enthusiasm. He had an amazing love of duck hunting.

Bud married (1) Jane TRAYLOR in 1945 in Waco, McLennan, Texas.

Bud also married (2) Melita Kathryn POTTRATZ, daughter of Otto POTTRATZ and Alma DEARSON, on 23 Apr 1948 in Decorah, Iowa. Melita was born 20 Sep 1926 in New Albin, Iowa.

17. Hazel Gertrude ENGLEHORN (Gustav, Johann Thomas) was born 19 Sep 1901 in Center Twp, Allamakee county, Iowa. She died 12 Aug 1988 in Yakima, Washington and was buried 16 Aug 1988 in Yakima, Washington. 

Hazel attended the Old Stone School and graduated from Lansing High School, valedictorian, and received a scholarship to Winona State Teachers College, Minnesota. She majored in education and graduated in two years from the junior college program.

Following college Hazel taught grade school from 1922 to 1929 in Cresco, Iowa, Proctor, Minnesota, Lansing, Iowa and Wenatchee, Washington. From 1942 to 1962 she worked as a bookkeeper for Blue Ribbon Growers, Inc., a fruit firm in Yakima, Washington.

Hazel was active in her church in Yakima where she taught Sunday School and served as deaconess. She worked on many charitable projects including Red Cross, March of Dimes and blood donor projects. Her hobbies were antique glass, braiding rugs, knitting, needlepoint and bridge.

Hazel was teaching in Wenatchee county, Washington when she and Jack were married. They married in secret in Idaho because the Wenatchee school district did not permit married teachers at that time.

Hazel married John Savage PECK "Jack", son of John D. PECK and Theresa, on 25 May 1929 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Jack was born 18 Apr 1904 in Pasco, Washington. He died 6 Oct 1983 in Yakima, Washington and was buried 10 Oct 1983 in Yakima.

Jack was a civil engineer for the Washington Department of Highways for 42 years until his retirement in 1965. At his retirement he was highway maintenance supervisor of Yakima District 5.

Jack was very active in a number of organizations including AARP and the Red Cross, for whom he was a volunteer driver. He was a pretty good wood carver and enjoyed gardening. He and Hazel enjoyed collecting antiques and art glass.

They had two children:

John David PECK was born 18 Feb 1930 in Cle Elum, Washington. He died 3 Jan 1979 in Santa Barbara, California.

John attended Yakima High School and graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with a degree in Business Administration. He participated in many youth activities associated with his church and Boy Scouts, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. He worked in a grocery store after school during high school and for the highway department in the summers during college.

After college he worked for Fairway Insurance Co. of Yakima from 1953 to 1955. He then joined the First National Bank of Seattle. In 1965 he moved to the First Independent bank in Vancouver, Washington, where he was assistant manager in 1967.

John joined the US Marines at Quantico, Virginia in July 1952 but was discharged in September because of asthma. He was active in community and youth organizations; YMCA, Little League Baseball, Boy Scouts and church.

John married Mary Ann THACKER on 27 Jun 1952 in Yakima, Washington. Mary was born 12 May 1931 in Yakima, Washington.

Jacqueline Jean PECK "Jackie" was born 19 Apr 1932 in Yakima, Washington. She died 5 Jul 1999 in Yakima and was buried 9 Jul 1999 in Yakima.

Jacqueline graduated from High School in Moxee, Washington. She was a member of Camp Fire Girls, an accomplished figure skater and an excellent swimmer. From 1954 to 1962 she worked at Tufts Drug Store in Yakima. She was Yakima city council vice president from 1965-1967.

Jackie enjoyed crafts of all types. She collected miniatures and enjoyed creating "room boxes." She was an active member of the Yakima Minnies Club and was an avid figurine collector. Death was due to leukemia.

Jackie married John Wesley BASSETT III on 24 Jun 1950 in Seattle, Washington. John was born 27 Feb 1931 in La Grange, Georgia.

John was an agricultural inspector for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Plains, Georgia. He inspected peanuts and peanut butter, but "not Jimmy Carter's."

18. Harold Gustave ENGLEHORN (Gustav, Johann Thomas) was born 1 Nov 1904 in Center Twp, Allamakee county, Iowa. He died 12 Jun 1976 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 15 Jun 1976 in Lansing.

Harold, nickname "Engie", attended The Old Stone School and Lansing High School. He was a member of the library board and the Oak Hill Cemetery Board; United Methodist Church; a Mason for 30 years and the Order of Eastern Star. He was a past member of the Lansing City Council and the Lansing fire department.

Harold was the bulk oil agent and distributor for Midcontinent Petroleum (DX brand) of Tulsa, Oklahoma, distributing fuel oil to homes, farms and businesses in the Allamakee County area for many years. His business gave him opportunity to meet nearly everyone in the county and as a result Harold was well-informed about county goings on and a friend to all.

Engie married Selma Viette Oletha STEIBER "Vi", daughter of Frederick Albert STEIBER and Selma Flora DEE, on 7 Feb 1928 in Lansing, Iowa. Vi was born 29 Nov 1908 in Lafayette Twp, Iowa. She died 7 Nov 2003 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 12 Nov 2003 in Lansing.

"Vi" received her elementary schooling at Lafayette Center, a one room country school, and graduated from Lansing High School. She attended one term at Iowa State Teachers College. Vi began her teaching career at Lafayette Township School and later taught at Center Township School and then taught fourth grade at Lansing Elementary when the country schools closed. She retired in 1974 after teaching two generations of fourth graders at the Old Stone School in Lansing

She was a member of the 1926 county champion basketball team and attributes their success to the fact that her team was made up of farm girls who were in good shape because of the farm chores they had to do. The city girls didn't have to do so many chores and weren't as tough.

Viette was active in P.E.O., Order of Eastern Star and the United Methodist Church. Her hobbies and interests included furniture refinishing, crocheting, music and history, especially family history. She was an expert at re-caning chairs.

They had five children:

Elinor Jeanne ENGLEHORN "Elinor" was born 21 Mar 1928 in Lansing, Iowa.

Elinor received her education in the Lansing schools where she was active in music, drama and girls basketball. She attended Iowa State Teacher's College, graduating with a degree in Music. She taught music in the West Union, Iowa public public schools and then for 35 years taught piano and vocal music and directed church choirs and handbell choirs. She has held positions as director of music in churches in Scottsdale, Arizona and San Antonio, Texas.

Elinor is a member of the Order of Eastern Star and the Lutheran Church. She enjoys music, sewing and crafts. In retirement, Elinor and Leo spent their summers working at the YMCA of the Rockies near Estes Park, Colorado, and their winters at their home in Lakehills, Texas.

Elinor married Leo Henry MEYER son of Helmuth MEYER and Florence EGGERT, on 18 Jun 1950 in Lansing, Allamakee, Iowa. Leo was born 4 Sep 1927 in Postville, Iowa. He died 13 May 2002 in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Leo graduated from Postville High School where he was active in football, baseball, basketball and thespians. Leo served with the Army of Occupation in Germany. He attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison studying Architectural Engineering, and business at Arizona State University at Tempe.

Leo spent his working years in the wholesale and retail lumber and building materials business. While a young man he played semi-professional baseball and basketball. Leo was a member of the Lutheran Church and Masonic Lodge.

Carol Joyce ENGLEHORN was born 26 Sep 1933 in Lansing, Iowa.

Carol graduated from the Iowa School for the Deaf. While in school she was active in sports such as basketball and volleyball. After graduation she returned to Lansing to work for a short time at the Lansing Company button factory.

Carol is a member of the Hagerman Baptist Church and involved with a church women's circle, making crafts for the church missionary. She is a long time member of the Cedarloo Club for the deaf. She enjoys antiques and is an accomplished seamstress. She is known among friends and family for her beautiful quilts and cross-stitching.

Carol married Kenneth Harrison MACDONALD, son of Harrison MACDONALD and Ada Elizabeth WOOD, on 23 Jun 1957 in Lansing, Iowa. Kenneth was born 3 Feb 1932 in Waterloo, Iowa.

Kenneth attended the Iowa School for the Deaf where he learned the printers trade. In 1955 he was hired by John Deere and Company in their parts department, printing identification names and numbers on packaging for farm equipment parts to be shipped all over the world. Kenneth retired in 1986 and now enjoys his hobby of repairing telephone devices for the deaf.

John Harold ENGLEHORN was born 8 Feb 1935 in Lansing, Iowa. He died 24 Oct 1993 in La Crosse, Wisconsin and was buried 29 Oct 1993 in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

John attended The Old Stone School and Lansing High School. He attended Iowa State University and served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He moved to Milwaukee in 1960 to work for North Central Airlines. After their marriage, Harold and Nancy moved to La Crosse, Wisconsin where he was employed by North Central-Republic-Northwest Airlines.

John was a member of Olivet Lutheran Church and the Masonic Lodge. He was widely known for his woodworking skills.

John married Nancy SEMROW on 19 Oct 1963 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Nancy was born 30 Jun 1938 in Milwaukee. She died 8 Aug 1993 in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Gary Frederick ENGLEHORN was born 23 Jul 1937 in Lansing, Iowa.

Gary attended The Old Stone School, graduated from Lansing High School and the University of Iowa with degrees in General Science and Civil Engineerinng. He was employed by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. His hobbies and interests include long distance running, country western dancing, and volunteering at North Central College athletics, Naperville, Illinois.

Gary married Marilyn Rose URDA "Meg", daughter of Michael J. URDA and Catherine E. RAGAN, on 10 Oct 1975 in Chicago, Illinois. Meg was born 14 Aug 1937 in Lorain, Ohio.

Meg is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a B.S. degree in nursing and is currently employed as a school nurse.

Ruth Viette ENGLEHORN was born 2 Nov 1939 in Lansing, Iowa.

Ruth attended The Old Stone School, Lansing High School and the University of Iowa, majoring in music. She is an accomplished organist and pianist, working with local theater groups in the Elgin, Illinois area. She was church organist for her Lutheran Church in Elgin, Illinois for 32 years, retiring in 1997. Ruth enjoys golf as a hobby and sport.

Ruth married Richard C. CLAUSON on 26 Jul 1959. Richard was born 26 Feb 1938 in Strawberry Point, Iowa.

Richard attended the University of Iowa. After graduation he served in the U.S. Air Force for six years. Upon completion of his active duty he became a pilot with American Airlines.

19. Esther M. ENGLEHORN (Gustav, Johann Thomas) was born 26 Mar 1907 in Center Twp, Allamakee county, Iowa. She died 17 Jun 1998 in Yakima, Washington and was buried in Yakima

Esther attended the Old Stone School in Lansing and graduated from Lansing High School. She was a fantastic cook and her specialty was seafood. Esther devoted much of her life and interests to working with Clifford in his various business enterprises.

Esther married (1) Lloyd WALKER, son of William WALKER and Ella GRAHAM, on 3 Jul 1931 in Wenatchee, Washington. The marriage ended in divorce. Lloyd was born 28 May 1906 in Jesup, Iowa.

Esther also married (2) Clifford MORROW, son of Lynn MORROW and Katherine BEERY, on 5 May 1935 in Wenatchee, Washington. Clifford was born 18 Nov 1904 in Junction City, Kansas. He died 12 Jun 1971 during open heart surgery in Seattle, Washington.

Clifford made a business of buying run down businesses, mostly taverns, and fixing them up, building up the trade and then selling at a profit. He would turn a disreputable bar into a respectable night spot and then repeat the process with another one.

Clifford was a member of Yakima Eagles Aerie 289 and a life member of Everett Elks Lodge 479.

Esther and Clifford had one child:

Mary Maxine MORROW "Micky" was born 24 Jul 1937 in Everett, Washington. She died 21 Dec 1995 in Yakima, Washington and was buried 27 Dec 1995 in Yakima.

Mickey attended Lincoln High School in Seattle and Yakima. She attended Washington State University for one year. She worked as a legal secretary with the Halverson Applegate Law Firm until she retired in 1983.

Micky married (1) William MAPLES. The marriage ended in divorce.

Micky also married (2) Judge Robert HACKETT in 1973.

Esther ENGELHORN re-married (3) Lloyd WALKER, son of William WALKER and Ella GRAHAM, on 23 Mar 1974. (See marriage (1) above.)

20. Ruth Bernice ENGLEHORN (Gustav, Johann Thomas) was born 6 Jul 1910 in Lansing, Iowa. She died 7 May 1983 in Yakima, Washington and was buried 10 May 1983 in Yakima

Ruth attended the Old Stone School and Lansing High School. She was a member of the Terrace Heights Presbyterian Church and member of the Terrace Heights Women's Club in which she was an active participant and secretary. She had a very good voice and loved to sing and also enjoyed birds and nature, knitting, and cooking, especially German dishes and "apfel kuchen." Her love for God and family were most important in her life.

Ruth married Harold Engelhardt BARTHELD "HB", her third cousin (in the Mathias Line), son of Frederick F. BARTHELD and Anna Katherine SCHAFER, on 27 Feb 1929 in Lansing, Iowa. HB was born 10 Jul 1908 in Center Twp, Allamakee county, Iowa. He died 25 Oct 1992 in Yakima, Washington and was buried 28 Oct 1992 in Yakima.

Harold was known as "HB" to differentiate himself from his brother-in-law, Harold Englehorn who was known as "Engie." HB was raised and educated in Lansing, Iowa where he worked for his brother Leonard on the family farm. Ruth's health was not very good so, in 1946, the family packed up everything they could and moved to Everett where Ruth's sister Esther lived.

They first lived in an apartment behind Esther and Cliff Morrow's tavern business. Dark, wet, rainy, and foggy conditions discouraged Harold. He came home from work one night and said to Ruth, "Let's get the heck out of here and go back to Yakima where the sun shines and there is fruit galore!"

They moved to Yakima, Washington in February 1946 where Harold worked as a switchman for the Northern Pacific Railroad.

While on duty one night on the night shift he was riding on the side of a box car and an extra wide car on the adjacent track struck him and knocked him off. His left arm and leg were seriously injured. He underwent treatment and rehabilitation at the Northern Pacific Hospital in Tacoma but the railroad eventually determined his strength was no longer adequate for his job as switchman and made him a settlement.

From 1961 until his retirement in 1972 Harold worked for Heath Signs in Yakima.

Harold was a good German smoked-link, pork-sausage maker, using a good old Iowa family recipe. He ran a licensed butcher shop out of his home where he did work for friends and family. He loved to cook and bake, especially home-made cinnamon rolls, always popular with his grand- and great grandchildren. He was an excellent wine maker as well. Harold held annual sauerkraut and horseradish get-togethers with family and friends each fall and it was at one of these gatherings that he passed away in his garage, making sauerkraut.

They had two children:

James Harold BARTHELD was born 17 Jun 1932 in Lansing, Iowa. He died 12 Jan 2010 in Yakima, Washington.

Jim started working part time for the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1949 while still in high school. He graduated in 1950 and then attended Yakima Valley College. Following college he joined the U.S. Coast Guard and spent his full tour of coast guard duty at Mukilteo Light House on the Washington coast.

After Coast Guard service he returned to Yakima and attended Central Washington college in Ellensburg, graduating with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Education.

During college Jim worked for Lay & Nord Auto Parts and then full time as Auto Parts Sales Manager after college. He worked for them for 32 years and retired in 1994.

Jim's hobbies include gardening, fishing, and old car restoration. He was an avid supporter of his grandchildren's hockey games and other sports. Jim lived close to his father and helped him with his huge garden and making sausage, smoking fish, and with the annual sauerkraut and horseradish parties.

James married (1) Patricia Eileen NORD, daughter of Henry NORD and Dorothy Mae CARPENTER, on 2 Aug 1952 in Yakima, Washington. Patricia was born 21 Feb 1933 in Seattle, Washington. The marriage ended in divorce.

James also married (2) Maureen Ruth HULL on 28 May 1987 in Reno, Nevada. Maureen was born 22 Jun 1936 in Yakima, Washington.

Marilyn Ruth BARTHELD was born 15 Nov 1936 in Lansing, Iowa.

Marilyn worked as a receptionist in the insurance and credit department at Yakima Valley Hospital while her husband continued his education after his discharge from the Navy. They then moved to Pullman, Washington while her husband continued his education at Washington State University. She has her "P.H.T.C." degree “Putting Hubby Through College.”

Marilyn was a homemaker and care-giver for her husband's parents for many years. She has been active in her church choir all her life, wherever she lived, and is still active in choir at her Church in Richland, Washington. She has been a deacon and active on many church committees.

Marilyn is also an artist in many media and has been a member of National Society of Decorative Artists for 20 years and is a current member of Allied Arts League. She has many craft interests and sewing, knitting and cooking are her hobbies. She is an active member of Welcome Wagon Clubs and is a part-time volunteer activity director for a senior retirement center.

She married James Franklin LAWRENCE on 19 Jun 1954 in Terrace Heights, Washington, son of Burt and Betty LAWRENCE. James was born 7 Apr 1933 in Hollywood, California. He died 20 Aug 2012 in Port Orchard, Washington.

James graduated from Moxie High School in 1952 and Yakima College in 1957. He retired in 1998 as an electrical engineering manager with the Boise Cascade Paper Mill in Wallula, Washington. He enjoyed woodworking, making and selling wooden pens.

Their business is Penworks Plus.

They had two sons, Dave and Denny.

25. Ester Marion WESTON (Anna Katherine ENGLEHORN, Johann Thomas) was born 5 Apr 1913 in Ellensburg, Washington. She died 28 Nov 1996 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and was buried 4 Dec 1996 in Yakima, Washington.

Esther worked for a number of years in the fruit industry in the Yakima Valley, "The Apple Capitol of the World." Her hobbies included cooking, gardening, and tough jig-saw puzzles. Esther and James were members of the local grange and the Memorial Bible Church in the Lower Naches area.

Ester married (1) Lester Benjamin HEARRON on 3 Jul 1935 in Prosser, Washington. The marriage ended in divorce. Lester was born 25 Aug 1901 in Palmyra, Illinois. He died Jul 1979 in Riverside, California.

They had three children:

Clifford Duane HEARRON was born 1 Sep 1936 in Prosser, Washington.

Duane enlisted in the Air Force in 1954 and became a career officer, retiring in 1991 with rank of colonel after 36 years service. Since retirement he has lived in Oklahoma City where he teaches Russian and German at a small Christian college. He is a dedicated Christian and considers it a great privilege to help prepare many young people to become missionaries around the world.

Clifford married Sondra Jean BURGER on 21 Aug 1959 in Fresno, California. Sondra was born 3 Jul 1940 in Fresno.

Dennis Eugene HEARRON was born 15 Sep 1937 in Prosser, Washington.

Dennis married Phyllis SNELSON. The marriage ended in divorce.

Ronald Lester HEARRON was born 24 Apr 1943 in Prosser, Washington. He died 7 Apr 1974 in Riverside, California.

Ester also married (2) James VERBRUGGE on 10 Jun 1960 in Naches, Washington. James was born 29 Sep 1898 in Holland. He died 7 Dec 1989 in Yakima, Washington.

James was in the ranching and fruit growing businesses.

26. Ruth Louise ORTMAN (Louisa J. ENGLEHORN, Johann Thomas) was born 20 Nov 1904 in Teanaway, Washington. She died 14 Apr 1992 in Spokane, Washington.

Ruth graduated from Ellensburg High School and attended Ellensburg Normal School, graduating in 1928. She earned a BA degree in education from the University of Washington in 1929 and a five-year Normal Diploma with a major in English and a minor in Journalism. Ruth taught school in eastern Washington.

Ruth married Donald L. GAINES, son of Earnest Lamar GAINES and Iza Jeannette SHELDEN, on 28 May 1932 in Ellensburg. Donald was born 14 Mar 1906 in Walla Walla, Washington. He died 1 Feb 1972 in Seattle, Washington and was buried 5 Feb 1972 in Seattle.

Don attended West Seattle High School and graduated from the University of Washington with a Juris Doctor degree. He practiced law in Seattle and was appointed Judge of the Superior Court for the State of Washington in 1957.

Judge Gaines served in the Army from 1940-1946; Judge Advocate at Camp Roberts, California and Fort Lewis, Washington; Judge Advocate in the Adjutant General's office in Manila, Philippines, commanding officer of the Sixth Judge Adjutant General Detachment and was awarded an American Theatre Medal, Asiatic Pacific Theatre Medal, World War II Victory Medal and Philippine Liberation Medal. He was discharged from the Army Reserve with the rank of Colonel.

Gaines was Seattle Civitan Club's Man of the Year in 1971, a member of Kiwanis Club, on the board of Medina children's Services, King County chapter of Washington Association for Retarded Children and King County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Board.

At the time of his sudden death at age 65 he had been the presiding judge over the Alioto fee-sharing trial in Vancouver, Washington. One of the defendants in the trial was Mayor Joseph Alioto of San Francisco.

They had four children:

Katherine Louise GAINES was born 27 Aug 1934 in Seattle, Washington.

Katherine graduated from West Seattle High School and attended the University of Washington. She worked as a legal secretary and as a paralegal. She is a competitive swimmer and runner in Master's events and won gold medals in 800m track, 5K run and 1650 yard swim in Senior Olympics in Palm Springs in February, 1996. With Robert, she enjoys travel, hiking and fishing.

Katherine married Robert Earl JOHNSON, son of Arthur H. JOHNSON and Gladys M. FISHER, on 10 Oct 1953 in Seattle, Washington. Robert was born 2 Feb 1934 in Seattle, Washington.

Robert was employed by Palmer, Lewis Company and was branch manager for their Everett, Marysville and Spokane branches. He enjoys travel, hiking and fishing.

Barbara Lamar GAINES was born 4 Apr 1936 in Seattle, Washington.

Barbara graduated from West Seattle High School and from the University of Washington with a B.A. degree in education. She taught in the Seattle school system. Barbara was an active musician throughout her school and college days as a violinist in a youth symphony and in the University of Washington Symphony. She continues to have an active interest in music.

Barbara married Peter S. DURYEE, son of Schuyler DURYEE and Edna R. MUZZY, on 22 Mar 1958 in Seattle, Washington. Peter was born 16 Jul 1935 in Tacoma, Washington.

Peter graduated from the University of Washington in electrical engineering. He began work with the Boeing Company and in 1961 worked for Lockheed in Sunnyvale, California for about two years, later with Motorola in Scottsdale, Arizona for several years and with the John Fluke Company in Seattle.

Donald Lamar GAINES was born 3 May 1939 in Seattle, Washington. He was invalided after contracting spinal meningitis at the age of five.
Martha Jeanette GAINES was born 18 Dec 1945 in Fort Lewis, Washington.

Martha graduated from Chief Sealth High School in Seattle. She completed two years at the University of Washington, the last quarter of which she studied in London in conjunction with a University Liberal Arts program and earned her B.A. degree through the Open University, United Kingdom in 1990. Martha taught in London pre-schools and in 1970 was employed by a publishing company in London.

Since returning to the United States in 1977, Martha has been a homemaker, a church volunteer and an elementary teacher at a Christian School.

In 1996 she completed her M.A. degree in theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Martha enjoys jogging, Christian benevolence work and conducting Bible studies.

Martha married Roger Wilford CLARK, son of A. A. CLARK and Mollie HUTTON, on 12 Aug 1967 in Farnborough, Hampshire, England. Roger was born 11 May 1945 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

He graduated from the University of London, Kings College, with first class honors in mathematics and in 1970 completed his PhD in applied mathematics at University College, London.

Roger is a research engineer in aeronautics for the McDonnell- Douglas Company. He enjoys hiking, computers and Christian benevolence work.

27. Mildred ORTMAN (Louisa J. ENGLEHORN, Johann Thomas) was born 11 Jan 1910 in Ellensburg, Washington. She died 22 Feb 1994 in Kent, King, Washington.

Mildred graduated from Ellensburg High School and attended the University of Washington in Seattle. Her hobbies included sewing, gardening, boating and fishing.

Mildred married Herbert E. PETERSON, a son of Herbert and Mildred PETERSON, on 6 Feb 1934 in Seattle, Washington. Herbert was born 21 Apr 1909 in Endeavor, Wisconsin. He died 17 Oct 1985 in Renton, Washington.

Herb worked for the Boeing Aircraft Company in Everett, Washington.

They had two children:

Kenneth PETERSON was born 10 May 1936 in Ellensburg, Washington.

Kenneth graduated from high school in Seattle. His interests in high school included skiing and woodworking. He attended the University of Washington.

Kenneth owned and operated a cabinet shop for four years and in 1970 was working for the Boeing Co., in Renton, Washington.

Kenneth married Dale INGLE on 14 Sep 1957 in Burien, Washington. Dale was born 14 Jul 1937 in Centralia, Washington.

Lawrence Carl PETERSON was born 5 Jun 1939 in Ellensburg, Washington.

Lawrence attended high school in Seattle where he was a member of the swim team. He obtained a B.A. degree from Washington State University with a major in hotel and restaurant management. In 1965-1968 he was employed by the Boeing Co., at Renton, Washington in the facilities department of the SST program. In 1969 he returned to the restaurant and hotel management business as Assistant Manager of Seattle Tennis Club. In 1971 the Petersons moved to Chicago where Lawrence was General Manager of Mendinah Country Club. In 1973 he became manager of Dearborn Country Club, Dearborn, Michigan. Later General Manager of Woodland Hills Country Club in Los Angeles and then a move to San Bernardino where he managed Arrowhead Country Club. Lawrence has been self-employed since 1987.

Lawrence married Sally WEEKS, daughter of Delbert WEEKS and Mary, on 2 Dec 1967 in Des Moines, Washington. Sally was born 15 Apr 1939 in Tacoma, Washington.

Sally joined United Airlines in 1962 as a flight attendant. She flew routes to Sydney, Australia; Hong Kong; Tokyo; London, and Paris. She graduated from California State University in San Bernardino 1996 with a B.S. degree in computer science.

30. Warren Carl ORTMAN (Louisa J. ENGLEHORN, Johann Thomas) was born 19 Sep 1922 in Ellensburg, Washington.

Warren attended the Ellensburg public schools, graduating from high school in 1940. He was active in band and orchestra in high school.

Warren served his machinist apprenticeship at the Keyport Naval Torpedo Station, receiving his journeyman certificate in 1944. He was a machinist aboard military sea transports in 1944, sailing Alaska and the South Pacific. After the war he worked as a machinist for Kaiser Aluminum at Spokane and for Anaconda at Columbia Falls, Montana. He was a machinist at the Hungry Horse Dam in Montana from 1945-1951. Since 1951 he was in the home construction business in the Des Moines, Washington, and Kalispel, Montana, areas. He and Margie built over 100 homes before retiring in 1991.

Warren married Margie Elaine NELSON on 28 Jun 1944 in Poulsbo, Washington. Margie was born 27 Jun 1925 in Portland, North Dakota.

They had three children:

Arlene Elaine ORTMAN was born 2 Jul 1945 in Kalispell, Montana.

Arlene graduated from Mt. Rainier high school and She attended Highline Community College for two years. She was active in Girl Scouts and church youth activities and a member of the Des Moines, Washington, Gospel Choir.

Arlene married John Paul ROUNDHILL, son of John W. HICKS and Elizabeth G. ATTLESEY, on 10 Sep 1965 in Des Moines, Washington. John was born 5 Feb 1945 in Seattle, Washington.

John was director of engineering for the Boeing Co. 737 and 757 commercial aircraft group.

Marvin Carl ORTMAN was born 27 Apr 1949 in Whitefish, Flathead, Montana.

Marvin graduated from Mt. Rainier High School and attended Highline Community College and Whitworth College in Spokane for a BA degree in education. Marvin was active in Boy Scouts and church activities and sang in the Des Moines, Washington, Gospel Choir.

Following college he taught school for five years in Kalispell, Montana; St. Marys, Idaho; and Palmer, Alaska. In 1975 he joined his father in the home construction business and later has pursued carpentry and construction on his own.

Marvin married Sharon Louise PARKINS on 29 Aug 1970 in Spokane, Washington. Sharon was born 20 May 1950.

Karen ORTMAN was born 27 Nov 1956 in Kalispell, Montana.

Karen studied piano, sang in the Junior Choir at the Des Moines Gospel Chapel, and was active in Camp Fire Girls. She graduated from Flathead High School in Kalispell, Montana and attended Flathead Community College, graduating with a BA degree in Human Services. Karen is employed by the State of Montana in the field of human services.

Karen married Stephen Scott PHILLIPS on 18 Feb 1975 in Kalispell, Montana. Stephen was born 30 Sep 1955. He died 28 May 1996.