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An English translation of a prayer carried by Johann Thomas Engelhorn, probably given to him by his pastor when he departed for America. It would seem to be a form of talisman to protect him from any and all evils which might befall him on his journey. The original has been lost and the translator is unknown.

The Prayer

The Book of Jesus Christ, who God and man, save me, Johann Engelhorn, from all kinds of weapon and arms, bullets and cannon, long or short swords, knives, foils and carbine, halberds and what otherwise strikes and stabs, from stabbing, swords, or short and long muskets, carbines and the like, as have been forged since the birth of Christ; from all kinds of metal, be it iron, steel, brass or lead, ore or wood.

Jesus Christ, the true Lamb of God, save me, Johann Engelhorn, from all kinds of shells and cannon, by keeping up the Covenant as Maria has kept her virginity, before and after the birth, make all their weapons as soft as the drop of blood, which Jesus Christ shed on Mount Olive.

Jesus Christ, guard me, Johann Engelhorn, from all evil gossip afterwards, blow, sorcery well-stealing(?); from enemies visible or invisible ones. Lord Jesus Christ let me, Johann Engelhorn, not get lost and if so walk with me and stay with me until my very last day, and don't abandon me, that I won't die here, thus help me God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.

The Holy Trinity be with me and near me, which guard me, Johann Engelhorn. The eternal divinity of Jesus Christ be with me on the water and on the land, woods or forests, mountain or valley, town or city, wherever I go or stand, sit, or lie down, or where I am. Lord Jesus Christ save me Johann Engelhorn, from all evil enemies, be they visible or invisible, concealed or public; the One only God save me, Johann Engelhorn, thru His bitter suffering and dying and rose-red blood, which the Lord Jesus Christ has shed on the Cross; Jesus Christ has been conceived at Nazareth, born at Bethlehem. These are honored and dear words, which are written in this letter and they all have to be before me, Johann Engelhorn, all cannon and missiles, arms and weapons, that they retreat, disappear, until I call them back again and loose all their strength, as Pharaoh has lost it.

Blood, powers keep your strength as Christ has kept them when one has tortured Him, and with the Holy wounds, you are attached and bound, the cannon must disappear, just as men have disappeared who have tied the hands of Jesus Christ to the Cross, in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

This prayer appears in the Blue Book as Appendix C.

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