Engelhorn Ancestor Album

The Engelhorn Mountains, left, near Meiringen, Switzerland The Guldene Engel in Hockenheim, built by Johann Georg (Hans) Engelhorn, 1630-1698

The Engelhorngruppe is a series of steep, sharp limestone peaks in the Bernese Highlands famous for their technical climbing routes. The tallest is Gross Engelhorn at 2773 meters; others are Urbach Engelhorn, 2758 m; and Klein Engelhorn, 2643 m.  It is speculated that the family name originated when a migrant from this area of Switzerland relocated to the Rhine Valley near Hockenheim in the 16th century and adopted the name of these mountains as his own.

Christine (Schaeffer) Engelhorn
1798 - 1883

Johann Konrad Engelhorn
1793 - 1880

Friedrich Engelhorn, 1821-1902, Founder (in 1865) of BASF  Marie (Brustling) Engelhorn, 1825-1902

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