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Bearers of the surname described on this page are believed to be distantly related to the Iowa and Illinois Engelhorns. The relationships are yet to be established and are most likely to be made in Germany. We welcome comments or information that will complete their connections to the rest of our extended family. Please contact the Web Master.


A Jacob ENGELHORN is found in the 1870 census for New Jersey, Essex County. This Jacob was 32 years old at the time of the census, was born in Germany and married to Ellen, age 28, who was born in Saxony. This Jacob Engelhorn gave his occupation as farmer.


The 1900 New Jersey census lists another Jacob ENGELHORN who was born in September (13 October?) 1837 in Germany (Altlussheim?). He was married to Anna BISHOP (BISCHOFF?) about 1862 and probably immigrated about 1851-1852. His occupation was listed as leather worker. There were no children listed in the 1900 census, but the census lists two nephews and a mother-in-law named HAGGER. This Jacob was possibly a brother of Johann Peter Engelhorn, 1842-1925. (The Peter Line)


Another listing in the 1900 New Jersey census, Essex County, finds Fredericka ENGELHORN, widow and undertaker, living with her son Otto FISCHER, age 33, also an undertaker. Fredericka was born, according to the census, in Germany in September 1837 and emigrated in 1852. She was the mother of eight children, four still living in 1900, but not enumerated with her in Essex County.


The Biographical & Genealogical History of Newark and Essex County, New Jersey, Vol. 1, 1898, pp. 253-254, contains a brief biography of John ENGELHORN. He was born in Heidelberg in 1832 and emigrated about 1856. He learned the undertaking business with the firm of Hulfish & Crans in Newark. He later started his own business and became quite successful. John was married three times; his third wife was Mrs. Fredericka Schoedele FISCHER. One of her children was Otto which suggests she is the same as the Fredericka mentioned above. After John died she took over his mortuary business.


In the 1920 New Jersey, Essex County census we find Josephine ENGELHORN, mother-in-law, age 67, and Chris ENGELHORN, brother-in-law, age 31, living in the household of Frank and Anna COSGROVE. Frank was a gardener and Chris was a laborer. Josephine was the mother of Anna and Chris.


Charles ENGELHORN, age 38, is found in the 1880 census in Philadelphia with wife, “Fredricker,” age 30. Both were born in Bavaria and Charles is listed as a machinist.

Children enumerated with them were:

Charles Engelhorn, Jr, age 8

Ida Engelhorn, age 5

George Engelhorn, age 3

William Engelhorn, age 1

Charles is found again in Philadelphia in the 1900 census as Chas. age 57, born March 1843 in Germany. The 1900 census listing indicates George was 32, born December 1867; William was 21, born February 1879; Minnie was 17, born February 1883; all in Pennsylvania. Edith FUNNEL (possibly Ida in the 1880 census), Charles's daughter, was enumerated in the household with her husband, George T. FUNNEL, age 28. He was born in England in January 1871. They had a daughter, Edith L. born in November 1899. George and William Engelhorn stated their occupations were shipping clerk.


Several Engelhorns have been found in Ohio censuses and through limited correspondence. The 1860 census for Cuyahoga County, Brooklyn Township (Cleveland) lists Henry ENGELHORN, age 23, born in Germany, occupation painter. He was married to Nancy, age 19, born in Ohio and they had a one-month-old daughter, Ida. This family was not found in the 1870 census.


Robert John ENGELHORN of Sandusky, Ohio, provided a list of the children of his grandfather, Ludwig (Louis) ENGELHORN and Maria (Schnarrer) ENGELHORN, all born in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio. Louis emigrated from Germany in 1880, arriving in the United States in August 1880 at age 18. He married Maria SCHNARRER 27 July 1882 in Sandusky, Ohio. She was born 22 May 1862 in Sandusky and died there 10 February 1898. Ludwig (Louis) was born 22 February 1861 in Germany, possibly in Altlussheim, and died 2 April 1922 in Sandusky.

Children of Ludwig and Maria:

1. Ludwig Christian ENGELHORN, born 8 May 1883, died 7 August 1883.

2. Eduard Konrad ENGELHORN, born 13 August 1884, died 10 April 1885.

3. George Valentine ENGELHORN was born 13 July 1885. He died 3 July 1975 in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio. George married Helen KAISER. She was born 21 February 1890 at Sandusky and died 10 March 1954 at Sandusky. George Valentine was a printer employed by the Hinde-Dauch Paper Company.

They had four children:

Robert John ENGELHORN, born 28 January 1921 at Sandusky.




4. Friedrich ENGELHORN, born 28 August 1887, died 25 May 1908.

 5. Elizabeth Marie ENGELHORN was born 2 August 1890, and died 28 March 1965. Elizabeth married August ZIEMKE and had five children.

6. Cora ENGELHORN, born 27 July 1892, died 2 September 1892.

7. William ENGELHORN, born 13 July 1894, died 1935. “Bill” (William?) was married and had two children.

8. Louis Andrew ENGELHORN, born 8 August 1897, died 24 October 1958. “Louis the sailor” was adopted.


Robert said there was also another brother, not listed above, by the name of Carl ENGELHORN who lived in Bedford, a suburb of Cleveland. Carl did not have children.


Another John ENGELHORN was located in Ohio, married to Anna KIBLER with the following named children: Frieda, Marie, Rosa, John, and Carl. It is not known if this family is related to the family of Ludwig (Louis), above. Daughter Marie was born about 1895, and son John died in 1989. No more is known about this family.


The following are census listings found for Engelhorns in Ohio:

1910 Erie County, Sandusky Age Birth

Englehorn, Lewis, 49 Germany

George, son 24 Ohio

Karl, son 20 Ohio

Elizabeth, daughter 19 Ohio

William, son 15 Ohio

1920 Cuyahoga County

Engelhorn, Carl 30 Ohio

Inez, wife 25

Carroll, Nellie, mother-in-law 55

1920 Cuyahoga County

Englehorn, William 25 Ohio

Irene, wife 21 Ohio

Lila, daughter 9 mo.. Ohio

1920 Erie County, Sandusky

Englehorn, George 34 Ohio

Helen, wife 29 Ohio

Maria, daughter 5

Zelma, daughter 4

1920, Crawford County

Englehorn, Jacob 65 Germany

Harry, son 17

1920, Richland County

Englehorn, Marie 25 Ohio

Shively, Florence, roommate


Philip ENGELHORN was born 9 September 1860 at Cincinnati, Ohio and died 20 November 1940. He was a member of Highland Park (California) Masonic Lodge, resided in Glendale, California, and was vault superintendent at the Farmers and Merchants Bank in Los Angeles. No more has been learned about Philip.


Burlington, Iowa, city directories listed a Conrad ENGELHORN as a wagon-maker in 1879-1880, and a John ENGELHORN (probably the same) as a wagon maker from 1883-1886, woodworker in 1887, and laborer in 1888. The Grove Cemetery Association records the following burials: John ENGELHORN, age 2, died 8 January 1902; John ENGELHORN, age 50, died 18 May 1902; and Bertha ENGELHORN, age 38, died 12 July 1907.


The 1915 Iowa census, Des Moines County (Burlington) listed Lillie ENGELHORN, eighth-grade education, single, maid, age 19, born in Iowa, father born in Germany, mother born in Missouri, and Rachel ENGELHORN, seventh- grade education, single, laborer, age 17, born in Iowa, father born in Germany, mother born in Missouri.


Julius ENGELHORN, a single farmer, appears in the 1900 census for Grand County, Colorado. He was born in July 1856 in Germany and immigrated in 1880. He took a 160-acre homestead in section 25, T1N, R77W and entered it on 19 June 1897. On 18 May 1903 he bought another 160 acres from the U.S. Government in section 35, T1S, R76W, which he sold on 28 November 1903 for $1000. No record was found of disposal of the original homestead. By 1910 Julius is no longer in Colorado census records.


Finally, an undated and unnamed newspaper clipping in our files, dateline Sioux Falls, South Dakota, reported that a Mrs. Ophelia ENGELHORN, 36, had been charged in municipal court with carrying a concealed weapon and assault with a deadly weapon. The weapon in question was a 22-caliber automatic pistol. When Ronald Jarms, the manager of the Osco Drug Store, approached her as a shoplifting suspect, she produced the weapon. The complaint charged her with attempting to shoot at Jarms with intent to injure him, and with shoplifting cosmetics valued at $5.75.


Engelhorns in Ship's Passenger Lists German's to America [30], a multi-volume index of German emigrants compiled by Glazier and Filby, contains the following Engelhorns, not yet connected to the genealogy covered in this book.

For each manifest the order of columns is: Name - Age - Origin - Occupation

Victoria from Rotterdam to New York, arrived 30 April 1852

Engelhorn, Adam 58 Bavaria Cartwright

Engelhorn, Elisabeth 54 wife

Engelhorn, Elisabeth 24

Engelhorn, Catherina 23

Engelhorn, Henriette 29

Engelhorn, Helena 11

Ocean from Bremen to Baltimore, arrived 21 August 1852

Engelhorn, Herman 21 Mannheim Farmer

George Hurlbut from Le Havre to New York, arrived 15 July 1853

Engehorn, [sic] Christine 19 Bavaria Farmer

New Hampshire from Havre to New Orleans, arrived 27 November 1858

Engelhorn, Hermann 26

Humbolt from Bremen to New York, arrived 5 June 1866

Engelhorn, J. 25 Germany

Engelhorn, Wilhelmine 21 Germany wife

Engelhorn, Marie 19 Germany single

Cella from Le Havre to New York, arrived 17 July 1868

Engelhorn, Carl 27 Bavaria Locksmith

Bellona from Le Havre to New York, arrived 31 December 1868

Englehorn, Jean (male) 19 Württemberg Barber

Thuringia from Hamburg to New York, arrived 9 November 1870

Engelhorn, Jac. 16 Germany Laborer

Main from Bremen to New York, arrived 12 November 1872

Engelhorn, Carl 15 unknown Farmer

Westphalia from Hamburg to New York, arrived 12 December 1872

Engelhorn, Conrad 24 unknown Farmer

Columbus from Bremen to New York, arrived 2 January 1873

Engelhorn, Carl 21 unknown Butcher

Donau from Bremen to New York, arrived 10 October 1873

Engelhorn, Carl 32 unknown Bookseller

Oder from Bremen to New York, arrived 27 March 1875

Engelhorn, Georg 13 unknown

Engelhorn, Katharina 8 unknown child

“Engelborn,” Elise 54 unknown

Leerdam from Rotterdam to New York, arrived 2 October 1882

Engelhorn, Ludwig 51 unknown Farmer

Engelhorn, Marie 3 Child

Elbe from Bremen to New York, arrived 4 December 1882

Engelhorn, August 18 unknown unknown

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