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First Generation
1. Elisabetha ENGELHORN was born 25 Nov 1835 in Altlussheim, Germany. She died 26 May 1915 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 29 May 1915 in Oak Hill Cemetery, Allamakee County, Iowa.

Elizabeth was a fine example of the true Christian mother, her influence extended far beyond the family circle. She was a member of the German Presbyterian Church and an earnest worker in the Frauenverein. Death was due to diabetes from which she had suffered for about two years prior to her death.

Elisabetha married Engelhardt Thomas BARTHELD Sr., son of Heinrich BARTHELD and Anna Elizabeth FERNAU, on 20 May 1858 in Lansing, Iowa. Engelhardt was born 18 Feb 1833 in Lispenhausen, Germany. He died 6 Aug 1923 in Allamakee County, Iowa and was buried 8 Aug 1923 in Oak Hill Cemetery..

Engelhardt Bartheld immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in 1853 where he worked as a carpenter and joiner. He came to Allamakee county in 1855 and purchased his farm in 1859, moving onto it in 1861. He became a citizen in 1859.

Engelhardt was a life-long Democrat and his party honored him by unanimously electing him County Supervisor in November 1882 for the years 1883-85. He also held many and various offices of honor and trust in his township and school district. He was a trustee of the German Presbyterian Church in 1913.

He was a keen and active business farmer, whose former experience on the board was of untold value to every taxpayer. "No necessity of experimenting with a new and untried man when a person of his character and acknowledged ability is placed in a position to serve you faithfully and well." He was widely known from his long residence in Allamakee, and by his faithful services as a member of the Board of Supervisors in 1883-86. In 1886 he was elected to the post of secretary-treasurer of the German Farmers Aid Association.

Bartheld was one of the solid and substantial farmers of the eastern half of the county, possessed of excellent judgment, the very soul of honor. He was one of those thrifty farmers who succeed in raising a large crop in spite of obstacles. In the fall of 1888 he threshed over 3,500 bushels of small grain and still had an "immense field of excellent corn, with his barns full of hay."

The Bartheld family evidently had close ties to their Engelhorn relatives in Churchs Ferry, North Dakota; numerous items in the Allamakee county papers mention visits back and forth between members of the Bartheld and Engelhorn families. Johann Thomas Engelhorn who moved his family to Churchs Ferry was the younger brother of Elisabetha.

In 1897 at the age of 64 he sold his 440 acre farm to his son in anticipation of retiring. Engelhardt Thomas was also a member of A.O.U.W. (Ancient Order of United Workmen). In 1920 at age 86 he was still living in Lansing with his two unmarried children, Julius and Kathryn.

They had five children:

 The Bartheld Family
Back row: Engehardt Thomas, Fred Frederick, William Charles, Leonard Julius, Julius
Center row: Jennie (Bosworth), Anna Katherine, Elisabetha Engelhorn, Engelhardt Thomas Sr., Anna Katherine Schafer
Front row: Mildred Bartheld, Elizabeth Bartheld, Roy Frederick, Vella Bartheld
Julius BARTHELD was born 14 Sep 1858 in Center Twp, Allamakee County, Iowa. He died 10 Mar 1946 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery

Julius was a carpenter and as a young man travelled in the west working at that trade. He was a large holder of land near Starkweather, North Dakota, and was a member of a wheat farmers cooperative in that area. Julius never married. In his later years, he and his sister Anna Katherine lived together in "the old house on the square" in Lansing, Iowa. Julius passed on peacefully after having his hair cut and a shave by barber Tade Bechtel. (Tade Bechtel was Theodore Bechtel, son-in-law of Anna Engelhorn Decker. Tade's wife, Benita Decker, and Julius were second cousins, once removed.)

Elizabeth A. BARTHELD "Lizzie" was born 22 Aug 1859 in Lansing, Iowa. She died 17 Dec 1915 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after a long and painful illness with cancer.

Lizzie Bartheld was a trained nurse and worked in Dubuque from 1886 to 1887. She later worked for her grand aunt, Christina Wilhelmina Platz, for eight years between 1887 and 1895.

Lizzie married P. W. BEHRENS M.D. on 3 Mar 1891 in Dubuque, Iowa. P. W. BEHRENS. was born about 1860.

"The happy couple arrived in this city (Lansing) on the afternoon train yesterday and were given a reception at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Bartheld, of Center. The bride is a most estimable young lady, possessing in a marked degree all the attributes of true womanhood, and well calculated to make the groom a most worthy helpmate through life."

Dr. Behrens was superintendent of Magee Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Prior to that he was a foreman in one of the hospitals in Dubuque, Iowa.

Anna Katherine BARTHELD "Katie" was born 10 May 1861 in Center Twp, Allamakee County, Iowa. She died 17 Feb 1947 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 22 Feb 1947 in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Anna Katherine, "Katie", made her home near the park in Lansing. Her entire life was devoted to caring for her parents and brothers. She was a lifelong member of the German Presbyterian Church and was an active member and worker for the Fraunverein and other societies of the church. She was a kind neighbor and good friend to all who knew her. During the year prior to her death she had not been in good health and her cousin, Freda Atkins assisted with her care. She died two weeks after suffering a paralytic stroke.

Frederick F. BARTHELD was born 13 Feb 1865 and died 29 Mar 1957.
Engelhardt Thomas BARTHELD Jr. was born 31 Aug 1874 and died 27 Feb 1953.
Second Generation
5. Frederick F. BARTHELD (Elisabetha) was born 13 Feb 1865 in Lansing, Iowa. He died 29 Mar 1957 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 1 Apr 1957 in Oak Hill Cemetery.

A note in the Allamakee Journal of 16 November, 1892; "Fred ... is building a large new house on his farm, the old Marsden place. Rumor has it that when he gets the cage completed he has a bird captured to put in it."

Fred attended the rural schools of Allamakee county and after his marriage was known as an industrious farmer during his long and active years. After his retirement in 1940 he made his home in Lansing. He was a life-long member of the German Presbyterian Church and served as elder for several years.

Frederick married Anna Katherine SCHAFER, daughter of John SCHAFER and Anna HAUSER, on 4 Apr 1893 in Center Twp, Allamakee County, Iowa. Anna was born 24 Mar 1870 in Center Twp. She died 27 Jul 1926 in La Crosse, Wisconsin and was buried 29 Jul 1926 in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Anna was a most popular woman, a true Christian wife and mother, and a good neighbor. Her funeral at the German Presbyterian Church was probably the most commanding event ever held there for the church could not begin to accommodate the people, and the crowd outside was fully as large as inside.

They had the following children:

William Charles BARTHELD was born 9 Sep 1894 in Center Twp, Allamakee County, Iowa. He died 17 Jul 1948 in Knoxville, Iowa and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.

William attended the rural schools of Allamakee County and worked on the farm until entering service in World War I. After their marriage the Barthelds spent most of their years at Burlington, Iowa where William was employed.

William married Verna Agnes GRUBER, his third cousin and daughter of Charles Carl GRUBER and Dorothia Maria MEYER, on 11 May 1920 in Lansing, Iowa. Verna was born 3 Sep 1899 in Lansing, Iowa. Her grandmother was Marie Agnes (Engelhorn) Gruber in the Jakob Line.

Leonard Julius BARTHELD was born 15 Jun 1896 in Allamakee County, Iowa. He died 17 Aug 1971 in La Crosse, Wisconsin and was buried 20 Aug 1971 in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Leonard attended the schools in Allamakee County, Iowa and farmed his entire life in the county until he retired and moved to the town of Lansing where he lived with his father. For two years prior to his death Leonard was living in a nursing home at La Crescent, Minnesota, across the river from La Crosse, Wisconsin

Orren John BARTHELD was born 12 Apr 1898 and died 8 Jul 1983.
Roy F. BARTHELD was born 13 Jul 1900 and died 24 Jul 1996.
Harold Engelhardt BARTHELD was born 10 Jul 1908 and died 25 Oct 1992.
6. Engelhardt Thomas BARTHELD Jr. "Bob" (Elisabetha) was born 31 Aug 1874 in Lansing, Iowa. He died 27 Feb 1953 in Compton, California and was buried 4 Mar 1953 in Starkweather, North Dakota.

Engelhardt was known as "Bob." He was thought to have attended a business college in Dubuque, Iowa. On December 30, 1897 he left for Churchs Ferry, North Dakota to go into the harness business. He then worked for the A.O. Sather Company in Starkweather, North Dakota, advancing to the post of vice-president. A.O. Sather was a general store selling dry goods, hardware, tools, farm supplies, and coffins. He later owned and operated the Bartheld Grocery.

Bob married (1) Jennie BOSWORTH on 11 Apr 1902 in Starkweather, North Dakota. Jennie was born 23 Jun 1883 in Melrose, Minnesota. She died 20 Aug 1915 in Devils Lake, North Dakota and was buried 22 Aug 1915 in Devils Lake.

Jennie moved with her parents to Penn, North Dakota in April 1884 where she lived until her marriage to E. T. Bartheld.

They had two children:

Vella BARTHELD was born 13 Jul 1903 in Starkweather, Ramsey, North Dakota. She died 13 Jun 1975 in International Falls, Minnesota and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Allamakee County, Iowa.

Vella graduated from Starkweather, North Dakota, high school and Moorhead State College. Before her marriage she taught elementary school in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, and Linton, North Dakota. Vella was a member of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and a long-time chairperson of the Altar Guild.

Vella married Fred BOECKH on 25 Aug 1930 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fred was born 1 Sep 1902 in Iowa. He died 8 Aug 1989 in International Falls, Minnesota and was buried 14 Aug 1989 in Oak Hill Cemetery, Iowa.

Fred Boeckh worked for the Boise Cascade Company for 40 years, retiring in 1966 from the position of assistant superintendent at the Insulite Plant in International Falls, Minnesota. Fred continued an active life in retirement, accepting the position of executive director with the Koochiching County Housing Authority. He was a member of the Rotary Club, Star City Commision, Koochiching County Historical Museum, Lodge No. 270 AF & AM, the Koochiching Hospice Board and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Fred will always be remembered as a man who sincerely cared and gave so much of himself for the good of the community.

Mildred BARTHELD was born 14 Sep 1906 in North Dakota. She died Mar 1992 in China Lake, California.

Mildred married William NEIDLINGER.

Bob Bartheld also married (2) Tillie REITON on 9 Sep 1918 in Penn, North Dakota. Tillie was born 1880. She died 25 Dec 1949 in Starkweather, North Dakota and was buried 28 Dec 1949 in Starkweather.

Third Generation
9. Orren John BARTHELD (Frederick F. BARTHELD, Elisabetha) was born 12 Apr 1898 in Lansing, Iowa. He died 8 Jul 1983 in Bellflower, California and was buried 13 Jul 1983 in Cypress, California.

Orren worked as an auto mechanic for 40 years with the Yeakel Brothers dealership.

Orren married Myrtle Marie RETTINGER "Myrt", daughter of Henry J. RETTINGER and Augusta BATTEEN, on 1 Jun 1921 in Waukon, Iowa. Myrt was born 28 Mar 1900 in Lansing, Iowa. She died 22 Mar 1988 in Bellflower, California and was buried 23 Mar 1988 in Cypress, California.

They had the following children:

Robert F. BARTHELD "Bob" was born 16 Feb 1927 in Lansing, Iowa.

Bob, joined the U.S. Merchant Marine at age 16 and served from 1943 to 1945. After the war he worked as a heavy equipment operator, "cat-skinner," and then joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1952. Following Marine Corps service in 1954 he returned to heavy equipment work.

Bob married Mary Ann MARX, daughter of Jacob A. MARX and Hattie May HALL, on 21 Apr 1948 in Rogers, Minnesota. Mary was born 6 Oct 1928 in Rogers, Minnesota.

Donald D. BARTHELD was born 25 Oct 1932 in Lansing, Iowa.

Donald married Darlene R. WILLIAMS, daughter of Raymond D. WILLIAMS and Elsie DARLING, on 5 Mar 1955 in Waukon, Iowa. Darlene was born 16 Feb 1935 in Iowa City, Iowa.

Gerald W. BARTHELD was born 13 Mar 1936 in Lansing, Iowa.

Gerald married Donna M. MIDDENDORF, daughter of Franklin MIDDENDORF and Violet THORPE, on 14 Sep 1956 in Lansing, Iowa. Donna was born 1 Sep 1937 in Lansing.

Glenn A. BARTHELD was born 23 Feb 1939 in Lansing, Iowa.

Glenn married Jeanne KOMINSKI, daughter of John KOMINSKI and Ann NOWITSKI, on 4 Apr 1964 in McKenna, Washington. The marriage ended in divorce. Jeanne was born 24 Mar 1941 in Everett, Washington.

10. Roy F. BARTHELD (Frederick F. BARTHELD, Elisabetha) was born 13 Jul 1900 in Allamakee County, Iowa. He died 24 Jul 1996 in Alameda, California.

Roy worked for a time for Bob Engelhardt Bartheld, Jr. at A.O. Sather Company in Starkweather, North Dakota. He was in charge of delivering caskets to mortuaries in the area and developed an interest in the business. He later attended the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. One of his teachers owned a mortuary and as part of one of his client's estate there was an expensive roadster to be ferried to the west coast. Roy and another trusted graduate drove the car to Vancouver and Roy worked for a time in Seattle at mortuaries in the area. He later moved to San Francisco where he was associated with Martin and Brown Mortuary.

Roy married Alice Margaret MAURER, daughter of Franz J. MAURER and Amy Gertrude PETERSEN, on 5 Aug 1930 in Seattle, Washington. Alice was born 11 May 1906 in Starkweather, North Dakota. She died 29 Mar 1991 in Pittsburg, California.

Alice studied nursing at St. Joseph's Hospital in Devils Lake, North Dakota and worked for a time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She returned to North Dakota and worked as a nurse and dietician at the North Dakota Institute for the Deaf. After Roy became established in California she went by train to Seattle where they met and were married.

They had the following children:

Sister Sylvia Anne BARTHELD was born 25 Nov 1931 in San Francisco, California.

Sister Sylvia attended St. Brigid High School in San Francisco. Following high school she entered a convent and continued her education at Holy Name College in Oakland, California were she earned a B.A. degree. She earned an M.A. at the University of San Francisco. From 1952-1968 she was an elementary school teacher. She served as principal and elementary teacher at St. Cecelia School, one of the two largest Catholic schools in San Francisco from 1968-1974. From 1974 to 1990 she worked in the district office of Catholic schools in San Francisco, first as a consultant and then as assistant superintendent. Following a sabbatical year in 1990-1991 to care for her mother, she worked at Holy Name College, reporting to the president.

Mary Vesta BARTHELD was born 18 Apr 1938 in San Francisco, California. She died 3 Jun 1986 in Concord, California and was buried in Brentwood, California.

Mary married (1) Ruben RIOS in 1956 in Reno, Nevada. Ruben was born 9 Mar 1933 in Brentwood, California.

Mary also married (2) Donald L. BRUNNER in 1965.

11. Harold Engelhardt BARTHELD "HB" (Frederick F. BARTHELD, Elisabetha) was born 10 Jul 1908 in Center Twp, Allamakee County, Iowa. He died 25 Oct 1992 in Yakima, Washington and was buried 28 Oct 1992 in Yakima.

Harold was known as "HB" to differentiate himself from his brother-in-law, Harold Englehorn who was known as "Engie". HB was raised and educated in Lansing, Iowa where he worked for his brother Leonard on the family farm. Ruth's health was not good so, in 1946, the family packed up everything they could and moved to Everett where Ruth's sister Esther lived.

Daughter Marilyn recalled they first lived in an apartment behind Esther and Cliff Morrow's tavern business. Dark, wet, rainy, and foggy conditions discouraged Harold. He came home from work one night and said to Ruth, "Let's get the heck out of here and go back to Yakima where the sun shines and there is fruit galore!"

They moved to Yakima, Washington in February 1946 where Harold worked as a switchman for the Northern Pacific Railroad until 1961.

While on duty one night on the night shift he was riding on the side of a box car and an extra wide car on the adjacent track struck him and knocked him off. His left arm and leg were seriously injured. He underwent a lot of treatment and rehabilitation at the Northern Pacific Hospital in Tacoma but the railroad eventually determined his strength was no longer adequate for his job as switchman and made him a settlement.

From 1961 until his retirement in 1972 Harold worked for Heath Signs in Yakima.

Harold was a good German smoked-link, pork-sausage maker, using a good old Iowa family recipe. He ran a licensed butcher shop out of his home where he did work for friends and family. He loved to cook and bake, especially homemade cinnamon rolls, always popular with his grand- and great-grandchildren. He was an excellent wine maker as well. Harold held annual sauerkraut and horseradish parties with family and friends each fall and it was at one of these gatherings that he passed away in his garage, making sauerkraut. He also loved to garden and had at least 75 rose bushes in his garden.

Harold was a member of the Moose and Eagles Lodges.

HB married Ruth Bernice ENGLEHORN, his third cousin, in the Thomas Line, and daughter of “Gus” ENGELHORN and Mathilda WENDEL, on 27 Feb 1929 in Lansing, Iowa. Ruth was born 6 Jul 1910 in Lansing, Iowa. She died 7 May 1983 in Yakima, Washington and was buried 10 May 1983 in Yakima.

Ruth attended the Old Stone School and Lansing High School. Ruth was a member of the Terrace Heights Presbyterian Church and a former member of the Terrace Heights Women's Club in which she was an active participant and secretary. She had a very good voice and loved to sing and also enjoyed birds and nature, knitting, and cooking, especially German dishes and "apfel kuchen." Her love for God and family were most important in her life.

They had two children:

James Harold BARTHELD was born 17 Jun 1932 in Lansing, Iowa. He died 12 Jan 2010 in Yakima, Washington.

Jim started working part time for the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1949 while still attending Moxee High School (now East Valley High School.) He graduated in 1950 and then attended Yakima Valley College. Following college he joined the U.S. Coast Guard in Alameda, California. He spent his full tour of coast guard duty at Mukilteo Light House on Washington coast.

Following Coast Guard service he returned to Yakima and attended Central Washington College in Ellensburg, graduating in 1959 with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Education.

During college Jim worked for Lay & Nord Auto Parts and then full time as Auto Parts Sales Manager after college. He worked for them for 32 years and retired in 1994.

Jim's hobbies included gardening, fishing, and old car restoration. He was an avid supporter of his grandchildren's hockey games and other sports. Jim lived close to his father and helped him with his huge garden and making sausage, smoking fish, and with the annual sauerkraut and horseradish parties.

James married (1) Patricia Eileen NORD, daughter of Henry NORD and Dorothy Mae CARPENTER, on 2 Aug 1952 in Yakima, Washington. The marriage ended in divorce. Patricia was born 21 Feb 1933 in Seattle, Washington.

James also married (2) Maureen Ruth HULL on 28 May 1987 in Reno, Nevada. Maureen was born 22 Jun 1936 in Yakima, Washington.

Marilyn Ruth BARTHELD was born 15 Nov 1936 in Lansing, Iowa.

Marilyn graduated from Moxie High School in 1954. She worked as a receptionist in the insurance and credit department at Yakima Valley Hospital while her husband continued his education after his discharge from the Navy. They then moved to Pullman, Washington where her husband continued his education at Washington State. She has her "P.H.T.C." degree – putting hubby through college.

Marilyn is an artist in many media and has been a member of National Society of Decorative Artists for 20 years and is a current member of Allied Arts League. She has many craft interests and sewing, knitting and cooking are her hobbies. She is an active member of Welcome Wagon Clubs and is a part-time volunteer activity director for a senior retirement center. Marilyn enjoys watching sports, especially hockey.

She married James Franklin LAWRENCE on 19 Jun 1954 in Terrace Heights, Washington. James was born 7 Apr 1933 in Hollywood, California. He died 20 Aug 2012 in Port Orchard, Washington.

James graduated from Moxie High School in 1952 and Yakima College in 1957. He retired in 1998 as an electrical engineer manager with the Boise Cascade Paper Mill in Wallula, Washington. He enjoyed woodworking; making and selling wooden pens.