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The genealogy on this site is based on material obtained from a large number of sources. Most of the research was done by Alfred J. Englehorn. I have tried, with some success, to add to his work and find a number of individuals and families from clues found in his files. A few additional people have been found through the efforts of the late Hans Rausch in Germany and others. Berndt Engelhorn of Speyer, Germany, has provided much information via Email following his research in original family books (Ortissippenbuchs) in Hockenheim, Altlussheim, Neulussheim, and Speyer. The following is a listing of the sources copied directly from Alfred's 1969 manuscript. Following his sources are additional sources I have consulted.


- James A. Englehorn


A. J. Englehorn - Sources



The Engelhorn genealogy in Germany is primarily from my translation of the chapter entitled ‘Engelhorn’ written by Otto Kauffmann and published in the following book:

1. Alte Mannheimer Familien, Schriften der Famlien-geschichtlichen Veringung Mannheim, pp. 37-67. Herausgeber, Dr. Florian Waldeck, Sechster Teil, Mannheim, 1925. Copy in New York Public Library. [Photocopies of pages 37-67 and English translation in possession of the author.] Otto Kauffmann acknowledged the following sources for his Engelhorn chapter: ‘Documents and records in the Badischen-Landes-Archiv, Karlsruhe. Mannheim in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart, by Friedrich Walter. Geschichte Mannheim, by Heinrich von Fedor. Support was obtained through numerous communications and through the relinquishment of the family papers on the part of Geheimrat Engelhorn in Stuttgart and Kommerzeinrat Engelhorn in Munich. Also, Mr. Leopold Zöller in Mannheim. Particularly worthwhile was information about the numerous descendants given on the instance of Baroness Bertha von Gainsberg, nee von Gainanth, to whom I am much indebted.’ - Otto Kauffmann.

I did not consult these original documents and sources.  

Additional sources for the Engelhorn genealogy ... were as follows:

2. Baptismal and Endowment Records, Arizona Temple Records, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah.

3. Census Records of the State of Iowa, Allamakee County, Iowa, 1856, 1860, 1870, 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915, State Historical Building, Des Moines, Iowa.

4. Der Grosse Brockhaus, vol. 3, p. 561. Eberhard Brockhaus, Wiesbaden, 1953.

5. Family Book I, pp. 423-427 & 439, in the archives of the church of the Evangelischen Kirchengemeinde, Altlußheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The original records were transcribed to family group sheets by Frau Ruth Ziegler and were attested correct with the church seal and the signature of Pastor Herr Eberhard Ziegler. [Family group sheets from the same family book were also prepared by Hans Rausch and are in possession of the author - obtained through correspondence between Vernon Englehorn and Herr Rausch.]

6. Federal Census Records for Allamakee County, Iowa.

7. History of Winneshiek and Allamakee Counties, Iowa, W. E. Alexander, Western Publishing Company, Sioux City, Iowa, 1882.

8. Hockenheim, Stadt im Auf- und Umbruch, Ernest Brauch, self published, Schwetzingen, Germany, 1965; especially chapter 25, pp. 345-354, ‘Der Guldene Engel zu Hockenheim.’

9. Internationale Personalbibliographie, 1800-1943. Max Arnim, vol. I, p. 339, 1952.

10. Land Records, Court House, Waukon, Allamakee County, Iowa.

11. Mannheimer Morgen, special edition, ‘Ein Jahrhundert’ commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Badischen Analin and Soda Fabrik, 6 April 1965.

12. Marriage Records, Court House, Waukon, Allamakee County, Iowa.

13. Military Service Records, National Archives, Washington, D.C.

14. Neue Deutsche Biographie, Vierter Band, pp. 514-515. Herausgegeben von der Historischen Kommision bei der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Duniker & Humbolt, Berlin, 1959.

15. Newspaper Files, Allamakee County, Lansing Mirror and Chronicle, 1868-1902. Allamakee Democrat, Lansing Journal, Allamakee Journal, 1870-1892. Waukon Democrat, 1877-1901. [These files are now on microfilm at the Iowa Historical Society, Des Moines.]

16. Past and Present of Allamakee County, Iowa, vol I and II, Hancock, E.M. 1913.


---- A.J. Englehorn

James A. Englehorn - Sources

The following is a partial list of additional sources consulted by the author of The Engelhorn Family (Gateway Press, 1997), James A. Englehorn:

17. Personal correspondence and interviews; Margaret Atteberry, Sister Sylvia Bartheld, Robert Baron, Lucile Smith Botton, Mildred Conlan, Edward S. Engelhorn, H.E. “Buddy” Engelhorn, Leeland Engelhorn, Mrs. Peter Engelhorn, LaVonne Englehorn, Paul Ellefson, Neva Hausmann Farley, Virginia Rae Engelhorn Hatterman, Viette “Jo” Hillerman, Harold Mahon, Elinor Englehorn Meyer, Margaret Rohrer, Robert D. Saunders Jr., Jim Schrempp, Theresa Gruber Vincent, plus other cousins, aunts, and uncles too numerous to mention. My apologies to those not mentioned.

18. International Genealogical Index (IGI) on CD, LDS Family History Library, Littleton, CO.

19. Social security death index on CD, LDS Family History Library, Littleton, CO.

20. Record of the John Adolph Gahley family, compiled by descendants of Mary Emiline Engelhorn Gahley: Edna Shippy, Erma Pritchard Trent, Margaret Atteberry, and others.

21. The Gruber Family of Allamakee County, Iowa, compiled by Alfred J. Englehorn and Theresa Gruber Vincent, 1970, unpublished.

22. Father's Family, unpublished compilation of the Schulze family, Anna Catherine Engelhorn, by Marcella Schulze Dygert, 1962, with additions and corrections from Robert C. Baron.

23. “Henry Engelhorn Family” by Gertrude Munderloh Engelhorn, 1986, for the Beemer (Nebraska) Centennial Celebration.

24. “Treasure Hunters in Montana,” from The Trail Back by Alberta Sparlin, undated, Montana Historical Society.

25. The Judith Basin, Fergus County, Montana; promotional pamphlet published by The Chicago, Milwaukee and Saint Paul Railroad, 1910, Denver Public Library.

26. A Complete History of Churchs Ferry, compiled by the Churchs Ferry (North Dakota) Sun newspaper, about 1900.

27. Weyermiller Family History of Lansing, Iowa compiled by Rose Wintz, unpublished manuscript, undated, about 1980.

28. Towner County, North Dakota Families, 1958, vol. 1, A-Cu, compiled by Mabel Jaques Hadler, Long Beach, California; copy at the Towner County Museum and Historical Society, Cando, North Dakota.

29. Federal census records for the years 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920 in the following states; Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and every state west of the Mississippi River except Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

30. Germans to America, vols. 1-50, Jan 2, 1850-Nov 29, 1884, Glazier and Filby, 1988-1996.

31. Colorado Department of Health, microfilm indexes to Colorado marriages, 1900-1939, Denver Public Library.

32. Allamakee County Burial Grounds, 1845-1988, Woodmansee, Dale P., self published, 1989.

33. Lewistown (Montana) Democrat News and Fergus County (Montana) Argus newspapers, 2 December 1925-13 June 1926, Lewistown Historical Society.

34. Alte Mannheimer Familien; Otto Kauffmann,1925

35. Die Familie Engelhorn in Mannheim, Friedrich Wilhelm Euler, 1986.

Special thanks go to the numerous individuals who kindly loaned or gave me copies of their precious photographs for inclusion in this work.


James A. Englehorn

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