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First Generation
1. Johann Marcus (Max) ENGELHORN (Eleventh child of Johann Thomas ENGELHORN III) was born 14 May 1847 in Altlussheim, Germany. He died about 1913 in Portland, Oregon.

Johann Marcus came to America and Allamakee county about 1865. He learned the brewer's trade as a young apprentice to Busch and later owned and operated breweries in several towns in Wisconsin and Minnesota. He and Balbina at one time owned and operated a hotel in Lansing and may have also owned and operated others in Wisconsin. He moved to Portland, Oregon to retire (?) in 1910.

He built a brewery in Hutchinson, Minnesota with a partner in 1879 when he came down with a bad case of typhoid. After recovery he sold his interest in the brewery and moved to St. Paul. Evidently Hutchinson was too rural. In St. Paul he returned to the business of making beer, a profession for which he was ably qualified. According to his daughter; “He knew how to make beer from the time the grain came from the ground to the time the amber liquid was drawn from the hogshead and put on the market. I do not remember a time in my life when he was not either owning or operating a brewery.” He was in St. Paul in 1887 where he was foreman of a large brewery earning $100 per month plus free rent and fuel. In about 1893 he was the agent for the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company in Little Falls, Minnesota, but was then looking for another location. He evidently found one in Brainard, Minnesota where he built another brewery in 1893-1894. Max was running a brewery in Granger, Minnesota in 1899.

Max was in Portland, Oregon in 1910, living as a lodger. No mention is made of Bina. His occupation was as a gardener for a private family. In 1911 he was still in Portland working as a carpenter. The 1912 and 1913 Portland directories list his wife, Bina, and three children, but no Max. No record of Max has been located since 1911.

In 1883 Balbina tried to operate an eating house, “a `railroad house', I believe it was called” according to daughter Emma. “I don't think the venture lasted very long” for several reasons. Johann Marcus was a brew master, a business he knew very well and an eating house as a business did not interest him. That was the extent of his hotel career. Balbina had a hard time keeping the required help. The girls wouldn't stay in Lansing; they all wanted to go to La Crosse where pastures were greener from a matrimonial standpoint. This “railroad house” was the Dudley House, (torn down in 1993.)

The Allamakee Journal reported on 16 February 1883 that Max Engelhorn had rented the Hufschmidt House in Lansing (photo credit link) “... and will at once begin operating a first-class hotel.” Another article on 23 February reported the hotel, renamed The Dudley House, had opened and was ready for business. “Mr. Engelhorn is a pleasant gentleman, who seems to understand the hotel business and we predict that he will have an excellent business.”

The business did not last long as indicated by the following news item which appeared in the Lansing Mirror 1 June 1883.

Gone in the Gloaming

“In the early morn, when the river mists hung low about the brow of lofty [Mt.] Hosmer, and the spring sunshine began to gladden the earth, the huge form of the Dudley House proprietor might have been seen moving in majestic grandeur toward the Ruby. A dark hour for Lansing had come; Max was going.

He took a glass of beer at the corner saloon, stood a moment at the foot of Main street, gazing cheerfully upon the wreck which would be wrought by his departure; made some remarks in German which should not be printed, and then went on board the Ruby, sat down upon the boxes of plunder he had placed there during the night, the Ruby backed away from the shore, and Max was gone, most likely never to return.

The Mirror weeps. It weeps several dollars worth. Nearly everybody in town feels more or less melancholy, the loss of some being larger than others. The town in general looses nearly three hundred pounds of the most unattractive animal that ever struck the place. Engelhorn's failure has been complete, almost wholly due to his miserable manners and sublime ignorance of the first elements of success. He was about as well-fitted to keep a hotel as Calamity Weller is to go to Congress, but, he has gone, and left only his family in debts, and in simple justice we remark that Mrs. Engelhorn is entitled to lots of sympathy.

She has a family of several children, and seems to be left with nothing to live upon. She has worked hard, and appears to have deserved a better fate than being Engelhorn's wife. Now we think of it, this is rather faint praise. The hotel has been closed, and the other hotel people are happy.

While we don't consider Engelhorn entitled to one particle of sympathy, it is but fair to say that with the exception of one or two friends, who were really of little benefit to him, the whole town was against the fellow all the time he was here, but this was largely due to the unfortunate manners of the man. He was so disagreeable that if he died worth $100,000 the papers wouldn't speak well of him for less than 50¢ a line, payable in advance. Max is a big fellow, and if we were not morally sure he would never come back, these remarks would be somewhat modified. He won't come back. If we knew his address we would send a copy of this paper.”

The Mirror reported a few days later, “Mrs. Max Engelhorn and little ones started for La Crosse on the Ruby Wednesday morning. She has probably gone to join Max, which is another evidence of the eternal foolishness of woman.” 

Johann married Balbina Aida WALZ “Bina” on 28 May 1877 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Bina was born Apr 1850 in Schwartzwald, Germany. She died 8 Aug 1924 in San Diego, California.

Bina came alone from Germany and landed at Ellis Island. Her death was due to acute indigestion.

They had five children:

George Washington ENGELHORN was born 22 Feb 1878 and died 16 Jan 1947.
Emma Marie ENGELHORN “Em” was born 10 Oct 1879 in Hutchinson, Minnesota. She died 28 Dec 1970 in San Diego, San Diego, California and was buried 31 Dec 1970 in San Diego, California.

Emma is found in Portland, Oregon city directories in 1912 living with her mother at 431 East Taylor Street, and in 1914-17 at 759 E. 42nd Street, a stenographer at Lumberman's Bank.

Em did not marry; she “worked in the Lumbermans National Bank in Portland, for some years, later in the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis. She lived with Betty Engelhorn for a number of years, but the last several years she had her own tiny house. Her eyes got so bad so she couldn't read too much and the TV got dull, so she would sit and recite Shakespeare to pass the time. This at 90 years of age!”

In “about 1926" while waiting for the bridge to open across the Willamette River in Portland, Em saw a “huge white vessel” docked close to the bridge. “Imagine my surprise to read the name ENGELHORN across the bow!” That night the daily paper stated the English barque “Engelhorn” was now in port.

However, the barque “Engelhorn” was lost at sea rounding Cape Horn in August or September, 1914. Emma must have mis-remembered the year.

Wilhelm Carl ENGELHORN “William” was born 4 Sep 1881 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He died 21 Sep 1937 in Los Angeles, California and was buried 24 Sep 1937 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

Wilhelm Karl, or William Carl, was a cafe owner and operator for the last 20 years prior to his death in 1937. According to his sister Emma, William Carl and his wife Retta lived in Los Angeles and owned and operated a “successful business men's eating house.

William's death was due to alcoholism and chronic myocarditis.

William married Margaretta C. FINN “Retta”, daughter of Michael FINN and Catherine KERNON, in Denver, Denver, Colorado. Retta was born 2 Feb 1884 in Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa. She died 31 May 1948 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California and was buried 5 Jun 1948 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

Retta was a widow when she married William.

Retta died of sepsis infection caused by gangrene of the foot due to diabetes mellitus.

Max Emiliam ENGELHORN was born 16 Sep 1883 and died 23 Jul 1965.
Louis Karl ENGELHORN was born 27 Jun 1890 and died 27 Sep 1957.
Second Generation
2. George Washington ENGELHORN (Johann Marcus (Max)) was born 22 Feb 1878 in Little Falls, Morrison, Minnesota. He died 16 Jan 1947 in San Diego, California. 

George was sent to Denver by his father for health reasons. George was asthmatic and could breathe better at that altitude than in Minnesota. 

George was a newspaper editor in San Diego. He had lived in Denver for several years where he worked for the “Denver News”; also known as The American News Company. George and Kathryn moved from Denver to California in 1908.

From 1926 to 1935 he was manager of the San Diego News Co., a branch of The American News Co., in Los Angeles. He moved to San Diego about 1928 where he was in charge of the circulation department of the L.A. News Co. After he retired, he became an appraiser for the San Diego assessor's office. He was known to be an excellent mathematician and a good house painter.

George's excellent penmanship displays a confidence and flair suggestive of firm character founded on a good upbringing and solid education. His boss told him, “I hired you because of your beautiful writing.”

George married Kathryn Frances JENKINS on 2 Sep 1907 in Denver, Colorado. Kathryn was born 20 Aug 1891 in Denver, Denver, Colorado. She died 8 Sep 1939 in San Diego, San Diego, California and was buried 12 Sep 1939 in San Diego, San Diego, California.

Kathryn Frances Jenkens was a stage actress and dancer in Hollywood. She died in 1938 of an abscessed lung after an eight month illness. She and George Washington Englehorn were married at Elitch's Gardens in Denver on Labor Day, 2 September 1907.

Kathryn was an acquaintance of Cecil B. DeMille and knew and worked with Douglas Fairbanks Sr. She was also a playwright (e.g. The Path of the Padres 1923, Kit and Her Pal, 1930 [Catalog of Copyright Entries, Part 1, Library of Congress] ), drama teacher, play director and spokesperson for many organizations. She was one of the leading and active members of the San Diego Troupers club. She began her stage career in Denver where she worked in a stock company in the nationally famous Elitch’s Gardens. “Beautiful, gracious and charming...she was a favorite in Trouper circles” and dramatic curator of East San Diego Women's Club of which she was a member. “The night was never stormy or gloomy enough for her to say “no” when called upon to help some little struggling group or organization; children in orphanages and other welfare bodies were visited by Kathryn and all of the youngsters loved her.”

According to the California Federation of Women's Clubs, 1913


The Drama chairman, Mrs. Kathryn Engelhorn, unable to procure a play that filled in with the ideas of the program, wrote, "The Path of the Padres," which portrays the Spanish dominance in our history, the chorus, under the direction of Mrs. W. D. Johnston, furthering this idea by means of Spanish songs. Mrs. W. F. Fromme, with readings from California authors, brings the history down another hundred years and the last two numbers, an original poem, "California," written and given by Mrs. C. L. Vose, who though 85 years old, is still an enthusiastic woman; and, "There's No Place Like California," a musical selection given by Mrs. W. D. Johnston, soprano, and Mrs. M. C. Kirkeby, contralto, bring us to the California of today.

Her father was Frank Jenkins, whose father had married a Rockefeller daughter, Abbey Rockefeller. She was cut off from the family and fortune because of her choice of husband.

At the time of her death, Kathryn was nursed by Frances Spieler Engelhorn, wife of Henry Engelhorn, a son of Johann Mathias. She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ruth Hershey, in San Diego.

They had four children:

Ruth Colleen ENGELHORN was born 25 Jan 1909 and died 27 Sep 1991.
Marcus LeRoy ENGELHORN was born 22 Nov 1910 in Los Angeles, California. He died 8 Dec 1911 in Los Angeles.

Marcus LeRoy died of starvation as a result of a metabolism malfunction or disorder.

Harold Milton ENGELHORN was born 21 Mar 1913 and died 2 May 1961.
George Eugene ENGELHORN was born 2 Oct 1924 and died 17 Jul 1963.
5. Max Emiliam ENGELHORN “Mox” (Johann Marcus (Max)) was born 16 Sep 1883 in Alma, Buffalo, WI. He died 23 Jul 1965 in San Diego, California and was buried 26 Jul 1965.

He is “Maxamillian E.” in the 1900 Minnesota census; on a photocopy from his mother's records he is “Max Emiliam.” He went by the name E. Mox.

Emil Max Engelhorn was a realtor, having worked in San Diego for 39 years prior to his retirement in 1963. He was in Los Angeles in 1923 when he married for the second time. E. Max Engelhorn is listed in the Denver directory in 1912 as a bartender living at 1611 Court Place. He would have been about 29 years old at that time. However, there is information which suggests he was married in Seattle in about 1905.

In 1934, E. Mox Engelhorn announced his intention to run for the office of assemblyman from the 78th district in San Diego on the Democratic ticket, proposing a new system of taxation and reducing the number of California's counties from 58 to six. Each county would have a recognized seaport and an equal amount of shoreline.

Emily Evelyn Faulkner, Mox's second wife, was thought to have been born in San Diego county, possibly La Jolla. She was the first white child born in the county, according to her mother. She was an accomplished violinist (“Evelyn the fiddle player”). She was the musical director of the San Diego hotel orchestra from 1918-1923.

Mox married (1) Ellen SMALLEY about 1905 in Seattle, Washington. She died in Seattle in childbirth.

They had four children:

Georgia Ellenor ENGELHORN was born 22 Feb 1905 in Washington. She died 5 Feb 1985 in Alameda, California.

Georgia married Roy H. OLSON.

Roy attended the University of Minnesota where he obtained his law degree.

As soon as he passed his bar exams he went to work for West Publishing Co., a national publisher and distributor of law books out of St. Paul, Minnesota. He worked for them distributing law books for 32 years.

James ENGELHORN. James lived only about a year after his mother died in childbirth.

Mox also married (2) Emily Evelyn FAULKNER in Mar 1923 in Los Angeles, California. Emily was born 13 Aug 1894 in La Jolla, San Diego, California. She died 26 May 1974 in San Diego, California.

Emily Evelyn was the granddaughter of the “Arkansas Traveler.” She was a professional violinist and was still playing for dances at the age of 71.

6. Louis Karl ENGELHORN “Charles “ (Johann Marcus (Max)) was born 27 Jun 1890 in Alexandria, Douglas, Minnesota. He died 27 Sep 1957 in San Diego, California and was buried 3 Oct 1957 in San Diego, California.

Louis Karl or Carl was known throughout his life as Charles Louis or Charles. “There has always been a bit of confusion about Carl's birthdate and christening name. The story goes that by the time the priest got around to the baptism, he was so full of Father Engelhorn's good beer that he pronounced him Aloysious Carrolus. His mother wanted him to be Charles Louis, and that's what his military records read.”

Charles received a high school education; studied pharmacy on his own and became registered in Oregon, Colorado, Minnesota and California. 

In 1912-14 Charles, as Chas., was living with his mother and sister Emma at 431 East Taylor Street, Portland, Oregon and working as a clerk at Jancke Drug Company. The 1914 Portland city directory lists Chas. L. Engelhorn at 811 Union Ave. North and his occupation was druggist at Rose City Pharmacy. In 1915 the Portland directory lists him as a clerk for E.G. Phipps and living at 1-927 Union Avenue North.

He served in the military in 1917 and 1918 in the medical corps. He was not wounded but inhaled enough gas to give him TB. He spent six months in hospital after returning to the States.

Charles owned drug stores in Minnesota and San Diego, California. After his health failed he worked in various drug stores when he was able. He retired in 1956 from Goodfriend's Pharmacy.

Charles loved to hunt and fish. In San Diego he owned two pleasure cabin cruisers - the “Thunderbird” and the “Flying Dutchman” - did lots of deep sea fishing.

Charles married Elizabeth DAWSON “Betty”, daughter of James A. DAWSON and Ila MAYO, on 13 Aug 1920 in Bemidji, Beltrami, Minnesota. Betty was born 22 Jul 1904 in Pittsfield, Illinois. She died 11 Nov 1983 in San Diego, California.

Elisabeth attended schools in International Falls, Minnesota, finished the last two years of high school in Forest Lake, Minnesota, and took secretarial courses in St. Paul. She held jobs in drug stores and banks. In San Diego, she worked for Municipal Court for 28 years. She started her career as a medical librarian in 1940 and joined the clerk's office in 1941 working in the bail office. The last 10 years she was Chief of the Civil Division of the Municipal Court clerk's office. In 1965 she was recognized for 25 years of service in the municipal court where she was chief of the civil division under the clerk of the municipal court.

She retired 30 June, 1969. She was noted for her quiet efficiency and pleasant manner.

They had one child:

Bruce King ENGELHORN was born 18 Dec 1928 and died 7 Aug 1992.
Third Generation
7. Ruth Colleen ENGELHORN (George Washington, Johann Marcus (Max)) was born 25 Jan 1909 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. She died 27 Sep 1991 in San Diego, California.

Ruth was a registered nurse.

Ruth married Harold Duran HERSHEY, son of Edward HERSHEY and Mabel DARROW, on 3 Apr 1937 in San Diego, California. Harold was born 24 Jan 1915 in Coneaut, Ohio. He died 9 Oct 1985 in San Diego, California. He died from cerebral hemorrhage resulting from a stroke suffered 15 years earlier.

They had two children:

Sharon Colleen HERSHEY was born 6 Feb 1938 in San Diego, California. She died 5 Oct 1994 in La Mesa, San Diego, California and was buried 9 Oct 1994 in La Mesa, California.

Sharon married Leonard ROBINSON, son of Claud ROBINSON and Ruby, on 29 Sep 1957 in San Diego, California. Leonard was born 15 Oct 1933 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Kathryn Frances HERSHEY was born 11 Feb 1942 in San Diego, California.

Kathryn married Brent JOHNZE, son of Benjamin JOHNZE and Jeannetta COOK, on 14 Jun 1970 in El Cajon, California. Brent was born 28 May 1939 in San Diego, California.

9. Harold Milton ENGELHORN (George Washington, Johann Marcus (Max)) was born 21 Mar 1913 in Los Angeles, California. He died 2 May 1961 in San Diego, California and was buried in Mt. Hope, California.

Harold Milton was an undergraduate at Pacific Union College and obtained his degree at the University of Southern California at Los Angeles where he studied a seven-year course in medicine. He did his internship for two years at Los Angeles General Hospital. He was associate doctor at the city stadium midget auto races.

Harold married Marjory CLARK.

They had four children:

H. Douglas ENGELHORN was born 1937.

Douglas is an MD and a psychiatrist.

Douglas ENGELHORN married Helen TOOTHACKER.

Stephen Clark ENGELHORN was born 5 Feb 1940 in California. He died 26 Aug 1991 in San Diego, California.

There are unanswered questions as to the cause of his death.

A newspaper item reported that Stephen Engelhorn died in a car parked in the driveway of his mother's home. He told his girlfriend he had been beaten by several men in an alley near the garage where he and his girlfriend shared living quarters. The girlfriend took Engelhorn to his mother's home and then used his mother's car to drive herself to work. Although he was bleeding from a head injury, he rejected medical care and insisted on staying in his car. At the time the newspaper reported police were awaiting autopsy reports to determine the cause of death.

Tamra Gail ENGELHORN was born 21 Jul 1945 in San Diego, California.

Tamra married Peter RAVEN in San Diego, California.

Geoffrey Neil ENGELHORN was born 21 May 1948 in San Diego, California. He died 21 May 1983 in Campo, California. Geoffrey committed suicide at the family ranch. Geoffrey was not married.
10. George Eugene ENGELHORN “Gene” (George Washington, Johann Marcus (Max)) was born 2 Oct 1924 in Los Angeles, California. He died 17 Jul 1963 in Encinitas, California and was buried 22 Jul 1963 in Point Loma, California.

George Eugene was the first cesarean section baby at Hollywood Hospital. The news media called him “Baby Sunshine”.

Gene, as he was referred to by friends and family, joined the Army Air Force at age 18, right out of high school and became a gunner on a B17. He loved to fly and had been flying since the age of 15. He soloed in a Piper Cub on his 16th birthday. He became a member of the Caterpillar Club when forced to parachute from a training plane over Texas. However he hated bombing missions and loved it when the war ended and he could fly humanitarian missions, dropping food to the Dutch at Zuider Zee.

While stationed in England he met and married Audrey Sylvia Wick of Ipswich.

After the war he completed his education and became a teacher in the public schools teaching English and social studies. He was living at Leucadia, California in 1963 when he lost his life saving the life of his only daughter, Deborah, who was about to drown in the surf, having been caught in an undertow.

Gene married Audrey Sylvia WICK, daughter of Benjamin James Earl WICK and Clara Florence WADE, on 21 Dec 1945 in Diss, England. Audrey was born 6 Mar 1929 in Diss, England.

They had three children:

David Robert ENGELHORN was born 31 Jul 1947 in San Diego, California. David Robert is a working co-owner of Bridgeway Telecommunications of California.

David married (1) Griselda JIMINEZ, daughter of Antonio JIMINEZ. The marriage ended in divorce. Griselda was born 29 Jan 1952 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Griselda was born in Mexico and raised as a foster child in the home of the Yamaguchi family in California; assumed the Yamaguchi name.

David also married (2) Joanne PIERSON, daughter of Bernard PIERSON “Bud” and Barbara TIMMONS, on 4 Jan 1986 in Indio, California. Joanne was born 2 Aug 1951 in Salinas, California.

Deborah Ann ENGELHORN was born 14 Jun 1951 in San Diego, San Diego, California.

Deborah married (1) Larry TRUJILLO, son of Marcario TRUJILLO and Josephine (Gonzalez) PASSERELLI, on 5 Jun 1975 in Valley Center, California. The marriage ended in divorce. Larry was born 27 Nov 1945 in Trinidad, Colorado.

Deborah also married (2) Stephen Lester REEVES, son of Lester REEVES and Goldie BOYCE, on 28 Jun 1994 in Moose, Montana. Stephen was born 21 Jan 1926 in Glascow, Montana. He died 1 May 2000 in Escondido, California. This was his third marriage.

Steve was a retired actor, had performed in “Hercules Unchained”, “Last Days of Pompeii”, “Goliath and the Barbarians”, “Thief of Baghdad”, “Duel of the Titans”, and others. He was the author of “Powerwalking” and “Building the Classic Physique.” He raised and trained Morgan horses.

Peter Stuart ENGELHORN was born 22 Feb 1956 in Escondido, California.

Peter Stuart Engelhorn and his grandfather, George Washington Engelhorn, were both born on George Washington's birthday, 78 years apart.

Peter married (1) Virginia Marie WHITE, daughter of Richard WHITE and Ruth, in 1976 in Encinitas, California. The marriage ended in divorce.

Peter also married (2) Peggy Linda MCBRIERTY “Lin” on 27 Jun 1985 in Grants Pass, Oregon. Lin was born 18 Oct 1952 in Grants Pass, Oregon.

15. Bruce King ENGELHORN “Bruce” (Louis Karl, Johann Marcus (Max)) was born 18 Dec 1928 in San Diego, California. He died 7 Aug 1992 in San Diego, California.

Bruce graduated from San Diego High School in 1946. While attending school he worked as an usher at the Guild Theater and was one of the first bus drivers at the San Diego Zoo. He graduated from San Diego Junior College in 1948 where he studied diesel engineering. He worked at the North Island Naval Air Station repairing helicopters.

In the 1950s he owned and operated Quickway Marine Repair on Point Loma. He was in the Naval Reserve.

He sold his marine repair business in 1956 and worked for Convair and for the Solar Division of International Harvester as a quality control engineer until his retirement in 1974.

Since retirement he was self employed in real estate. Hobbies included SCUBA diving, dune buggy racing and motor home camping.

Bruce married (1) Eleanor Marie RHUDY, daughter of Fred RHUDY and Collette L. MAHER, on 12 Dec 1953 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The marriage ended in divorce. Eleanor was born 2 Feb 1930 in Pensacola, Florida. She died 19 Nov 1998 in San Diego, California.

They had two children:

Alan Dale ENGELHORN was born 15 Apr 1958 in San Diego, California.

Alan is a corrections officer at Donovan State Prison in San Diego, on the elite team charged with protecting against major disturbances.

Alan married Deborah Jean MENDES on 28 Jul 1984 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The marriage ended in divorce. Deborah was born 18 May 1951 in Long Beach, California.

David Bruce ENGELHORN was born 10 Jul 1964 in San Diego, California.

Dave attended elementary schools and Point Loma High School in San Diego and San Diego Junior College. He works for the Dover Elevator Company constructing elevators. Dave enjoys the desert and enjoys driving a dune buggy in the desert. He and his father shared an interest in SCUBA diving.

David married Elizabeth Louise SELMAN “Betsy”, daughter of Robert SELMAN and Mary ADAM, on 21 Jul 1989 in El Cajon, California. Betsy was born 25 Apr 1965 in San Diego, California.

Bruce also married (2) Katherine T. O'HARA on 23 Jan 1988 in San Diego, California. Katherine was born 11 Sep 1940 in San Diego, California.