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First Generation
1. Anna Margaretha ENGELHORN (Fifth child of Johann Thomas ENGELHORN III) was born 27 Aug 1834 in Altlussheim, Germany. She died of a stroke 10 May 1923 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was buried 13 May 1923 in Lansing, Iowa.

Anna Margaretha grew up in Altlussheim, Germany. She had three children there out of wedlock (gebiert ausserehelich).

Son John Jacob Dorrmann related to family members that the family emigrated to America in 1866 and located in Cleveland, Ohio, confirmed in his biography in The History of Winneshiek and Allamakee Counties. This was at least a year before her first son Jakob Engelhorn died in Germany. Perhaps they left Anna's oldest son there with relatives.

Anna had two children:

Jakob ENGELHORN was born 14 Mar 1856 in Altlussheim, Germany. He died 20 Mar 1867 in Altlussheim
Johann (John Jacob) DORRMANN was born 18 Jun 1860 in Altlussheim, Germany. He died 6 May 1914 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 8 May 1914 in Lansing.

John Jacob married Kittie B. HAWKINS on 6 May 1884 in La Crosse, Wisconsin

John was an active and popular young man in Lansing circles. He worked as a clerk in his father's store, attended the Cutters and Tailors Academy in Chicago and took courses at a commercial college. An excellent tailor, he worked up from clerk to tailor to partner with his father, was in business for himself for a time and later worked for his father again.

John Dorrmann was a man of fine physique in his young days, bright and intelligent. He was a second lieutenant, Lansing Militia Company, Fourth Regiment Iowa National Guard. John was made first lieutenant in March 1883.

The Allamakee Journal reported in July 1884 that John and his wife had marital troubles and that she went home to her father in La Crosse. In 1887 he was reported to have a good position as cutter and fitter with Bergers Clothing Store in La Crosse. In July of 1887 he went to St. Paul for a better position and in October of 1887 he arrived home in Lansing after an extended stay in St. Paul.

John collapsed at his father's funeral and was forced to spend the last eight years of his life unable to walk and obliged to use a wheel chair.

Anna married Jakob DOERRMANN, son of Georg Philipp DOERRMANN and Eva Katharina UNGER, on 22 May 1862 in Altlussheim, Germany.

Jakob was born 14 Feb 1835 in Altlussheim. He died 10 May 1906 in Lansing, Iowa and was buried 13 May 1906 in Lansing.

  Through the continual urging of Anna Margaretha the family moved from Ohio to Lansing in 1867. The Dorrmanns were members of the Evangelical Church.

Jakob was a merchant tailor and operated a clothing store in Lansing; "Jakob Dorrmann, Dealer in Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Goods and Merchant Tailoring" He learned the trade in Heidelberg and served four years in the army as his company's tailor. He came to America in 1866, locating in Cleveland, Ohio, where he worked at his trade for one year. He came to Lansing in 1867 and opened his business there. The Allamakee Journal reported in his obituary that "he understood the clothing business from A to izzard. His word was as good as his bond and beneath a rough exterior was a large and sympathetic heart that beat in unison with the poor, the oppressed and the heavy laden."

Jakob Dorrmann took an active part in Lansing civic affairs. On November 21, 1879 he was listed as a member of the Deutsche Verein, German singing society. He held offices in the Humbolt Lodge and was a delegate to the county Democratic convention in 1888. He was a charter member of Maple Lodge, Iowa Legion of Honor.

Jakob was a member of the German Evangelical Association Church for many years. Jakob was a large heavyset man and his death was due to a stroke of apoplexy following a severe fall on the cement sidewalk in front of his office.

Anna and Jacob Doerrmann had nine children:

Wilhelmina DOERRMANN was born 27 Jan 1862 in Altlussheim, Germany. She died 4 Mar 1862 in Altlussheim. (Jacob acknowledged parentage.)
Jacob DOERRMANN was born 5 Feb 1863 in Altlussheim, Germany. He died 4 May 1863 in Altlussheim.
Elisabetha Margaretha DOERRMANN was born 16 Mar 1864 in Altlussheim, Germany. She died 2 Apr 1864 in Altlussheim.
Johann Thomas DOERRMANN was born 16 Mar 1864 in Altlussheim. He died 31 Mar 1864 in Altlussheim.
Wilhelmina DORRMANN was born 6 Mar 1865 and died 18 Jan 1927.
Louis DORRMANN was born 1868 in Lansing, Iowa. He died 27 Nov 1881 in Lansing, and was buried in lansing

In the Lansing Mirror, 2 Dec 1881; "Louis Dorrmann, 14 years old, was drowned last Saturday, 27 November 1881." His brother John said that he drowned while ice skating with another boy. His obituary in the Allamakee Journal said, "A Deplorable Accident."

Catherine DORRMANN was born 16 Mar 1872 and died 14 Mar 1908.
Louisa DORRMANN was born 14 Feb 1874 in Lansing, Iowa. She died 17 May 1919 in La Crosse, Wisconsin and was buried in Lansing.

Louisa attended the Engelhorn Business College in Helena, Montana in 1896 and possibly in 1897. In 1902 she was a saleslady at E.R. Barron & Co. in La Crosse.

Louisa had entered the hospital to have an eight pound tumor removed which had grown into her spine. The shock was too much for her and after five days of suffering she passed away. Before she died she had been the sole support for her aged mother, then past 80 years of age.

The Engelhorn Business College in Helena was owned and operated by Louisa's first cousin once removed, Herman T. Engelhorn.

Emma DORRMANN was born 12 Dec 1878 in Lansing, Iowa. She died 13 Apr 1911 in La Crosse, Wisconsin and was buried 17 Apr 1911 in Lansing.

Emma married (1) Charles H.NOCK NOCK, son of Carl NOCK and Mary PEDOH, on 16 Jul 1902 in Lansing, Iowa. Charles was born about 1878 in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Emma taught school in Helena, Montana for three years 1894 - 97( Perhaps at Engelhorn’s Business College?). She was in St. Paul in 1898 and in April 1901 she left Lansing for La Crosse where she "has a position in the millinery department of the Park Store."

It is not known what happened to her marriage to Charles Nock; he is not mentioned in her obituary.

Emma also married (2) Dr. J. E. MYERS on 24 Nov 1909 in La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Emma was a person of strong friendships and a high sense of the beautiful and with many traits of character and disposition that were lovely and lovable. She was passionately fond of flowers. Emma did not have children. Shortly after her marriage to Dr. Meyers she contracted a pelvic abscess which developed over a period of 15 months and led to her untimely death.

The Dorrmann Family

Back: Louis, John, Wilhelmina
Front: Emma, Jakob, Louisa, Anna Margaretha Engelhorn, Catherine
Second Generation
8. Wilhelmina DORRMANN "Minnie" (Anna Margaretha) was born 6 Mar 1865 in Altlussheim, Germany. She died 18 Jan 1927 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was buried 23 Jan 1927 in Lansing, Iowa.

Minnie came to America with her parents and brother John at the age of eleven months. After her marriage to Peter they were in Neilsville, Wisconsin where Peter was the manager of a large sawmill. Later Minnie returned to Lansing to care for her invalid mother. They finally moved to Minneapolis where Minnie died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. G.W. (Esther) Jackson.

Minnie married Peter CAMPBELL, son of Peter CAMPBELL and Mary DE MARSH, on 9 Jan 1886 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Peter was born 16 Oct 1863 in Durham, Ontario, Canada. He died 12 Oct 1928 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was buried 1928 in Lansing, Iowa.

Peter’s family moved from Canada to the Black River Falls area of Wisconsin about 1872 after his mother died. Peter was the manager of a large sawmill at Neilsville, Wisconsin. He loved to garden and raised both flowers and vegetables.

They had three children:

James Robert CAMPBELL was born 24 Jul 1886 and died 21 Feb 1966.
Esther Anna CAMPBELL was born 28 Aug 1890 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She died 12 Mar 1944.

Esther married George W.JACKSON.

Ione Ruth CAMPBELL was born 3 Mar 1897 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She died 25 Feb 1994 and was buried in Lansing, Iowa.

Ione married John E. KENT on 27 Jan 1921. John died 26 Feb 1929.

10. Catherine DORRMANN (Anna Margaretha) was born 16 Mar 1872 in Lansing, Iowa. She died 14 Mar 1908 in St. Paul, Minnesota and was buried 17 Mar 1908 in Lansing.

Catherine married Richard O'GAR on 30 Oct 1894 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Richard was born Oct 1871 in Wisconsin.

Richard O'Gar was a locomotive fireman on the Burlington Railroad.

The Lansing Mirror reported in 1899 (apparently on a slow news day) that "Mrs. Richard O'Gar, 1441 Kane Street, purchased a piano."

Catherine had been operated on for a tumor and was thought to be recovering when she died on the ninth day after the operation.

They had three children:

Richard Lullie O'GAR was born Jan 1895 in Minnesota.

Lullie may have been a nick name. He was a railroad fireman.

Sylvester O'GAR was born Mar 1896 in Minnesota. He died 1 Aug 1967 in San Francisco, California.

Sylvester was a railroad man, occupation, brakeman. He lived in Los Angeles, never married.

Mildred O'GAR was born 1900. She died about 1980 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

She married late in life to Sanford M. SEVENSON and lived in Minneapolis. They did not have children. Sanford died 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Third Generation
13. James Robert CAMPBELL (Wilhelmina DORRMANN, Anna Margaretha) was born 24 Jul 1886 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He died 21 Feb 1966.

James attended school in La Crosse. He spent a lot of time with his grandparents in Lansing when his uncle John was injured in an accident and confined to a wheelchair and James helped care for him. He also helped out in his grandfather Jake's clothing store until the store was sold.

James was a painter for many years.

James married Isabelle HANSON, daughter of Ole HANSON and Sisel BAKKEN, on 8 Jun 1915 in Preston, Minnesota. Isabelle was born 14 Feb 1877 in Highland, Minnesota. She died 31 Jan 1964 in Lanesboro, Minnesota and was buried 3 Feb 1964 in Lanesboro.

They had one child:

Carmen R. CAMPBELL was born 22 Oct 1915 in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Carmen was a newspaper carrier and errand boy in his youth. As a young man he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps and worked for a time for the Lanesboro Water and Light Company. From 1945 to 1967 he worked with his father in the painting business. He worked for the Twin City Arsenal from 1967 to 1970 and then worked as a painter again from 1970 until his retirement in 1987.

Carmen was a life-long member of Bethlehem Lutheran Church of Lanesboro. He enjoyed fishing and hunting and especially enjoyed his cabin on Portage Lake, Minnesota.

Carmen married Juliet Alvera OLSON, daughter of Alfred OLSON and Jennie BRADLEY, on 27 Aug 1941 in Lanesboro, Minnesota. Juliet was born 18 Aug 1922 in Lanesboro, Minnesota.

Juliet worked at Lanesboro Produce Company from 1955 to 1967. In St. Paul she worked at Mounds Park Hospital as Housekeeping Supervisor until she retired in 1989.

Gordon Curtis CAMPBELL was born 27 Sep 1917 in Whalen, Minnesota. He died 19 Dec 1964 in Spokane, Washington and was buried 23 Dec 1964 in Lanesboro, Minnesota. Gordon did not marry.
Margaret Esther CAMPBELL was born 4 Oct 1919 in Lanesboro, Minnesota. She died 2 Feb 1961 in Rochester, Minnesota and was buried 6 Feb 1961 in Preston, Minnesota.

Margaret married (1) George PFREMMER.

Margaret also married (2) Arnold Joseph KRUEGEL, son of Henry KRUEGEL and Anna RAMAKER, on 27 Jul 1946 in Farmington, Minnesota.

Arnold was born 25 Jan 1916 in Fillmore county, Minnesota. He died in Harmony, Minnesota and was buried in Preston, Minnesota.

Mildred Ione CAMPBELL was born 4 Oct 1919 in Lanesboro, Minnesota.

Mildred married Francis George CONLAN, son of James Patrick CONLAN and Frances PFREMMER "Vinnie", on 5 Jul 1936 in Preston, Minnesota. Francis was born 8 Mar 1912 in Preston, Minnesota. He died 26 Jan 1967 in Rochester, Minnesota.

Robert Kenneth CAMPBELL was born 8 Nov 1921 in Lanesboro, Minnesota.

Robert worked for the 3M company in St. Paul from 1945 to 1949; Cook Appliances Company, Minneapolis, 1949-1953 with a leave of absence in 1951 to work for Atlantic Construction Co, in Thule, Greenland. From 1953 to 1958 he was with RCA Co. in St. Paul. From 1958 to 1965 Robert owned Twin City Appliance Service and from 1965 to 1987 he was Audio-Visual Technologist for the North St. Paul, Maplewood, Oakdale school districts. He retired in 1987.

Robert served with the U.S. Marine Corps from 1942 to 1945, Motor Transport, Fifth Marine Division. He was also a Boy Scout and church leader liaison officer.

Robert married Marcia Jeanne LINDBOM, daughter of John LINDBOM Sr. and Constance JOHANSON, on 11 Nov 1942 in Oceanside, California. Marcia was born 20 Mar 1925 in St. Paul, Minnesota. She died 8 Sep 1957 in Maplewood, Minnesota.