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First Generation
1. Georg Julius ENGELHORN was born 24 May 1850 in Altlussheim, Germany. He died 23 May 1921.

Julius was a carpenter and farmer, short in stature and bow-legged. He purchased a farm in Lansing Township, Allamakee county, near Churchtown on 31 March, 1873 and sold it 13 February, 1879. The 1880 census finds him in Jordan, Iowa. Living with him there were his wife, daughters Addie and Eva, "son" Adolph Hagen, and nephew Julius Riser (see descendants of Eva Marie Reiser,) plus a school teacher named Roxie Moad.

In 1888 he and his family were in Tobias, Nebraska: in 1889-90 in Antonito, Colorado; in 1893 in Copalis, Washington where they had taken a timber claim. By 1895 they had moved again to Hoquiam, Washington.

In the Lansing Mirror, September 1889, is a notice that Betsy and her two daughters went to Antonito, Colorado where the husband has been building a residence. Julius then is found in the Denver City Directory in 1890 listed as a laborer boarding at the Golden Grape Hotel. In February 1893 the Lansing Mirror reported Julius had built a house in Copalis, Washington, "made from one third of a cedar tree, better than the one built on Lansing Ridge."

In "Past and Present of Allamakee County" vol. II, 1913, "...they went west driving a team to Hoquiam, Washington. There Mrs. Engelhorn and her two daughters...still reside. The father and husband has left home and is presumed to be dead." Betsy was living with her sister Rachel in Tobias, Nebraska in 1913. She had apparently divorced Georg in absentia.

The date of Julius’ death comes from a diary of his daughter, Addie; death location not known. The Waukon Republican and Standard newspaper of 18 January, 1933, carried a notice of search for Julius' heirs. “Any member of the family, relative or friend was urged to contact W.C. Cox and Company, Federal Reserve Bank Building, Chicago. The estate was valued at $2500.” It is not known if anyone ever came forward.

Georg married Elizabeth LARSON "Betsy", daughter of Ole LARSON and Anne STENERSON, on 13 Oct 1873 in Waterville, Iowa. The marriage ended in divorce. Betsy was born 5 Jan 1850 in Rock County, Wisconsin. She died 13 Jan 1926 in Hoquiam, Washington, and was buried in Aberdeen, Washington.

Betsy taught school for a number of years in Allamakee county. Later they went west in 1892 driving a team to Hoquiam, Washington. There Mrs. Engelhorn and her two daughters, Mrs. Ada Crawford and Mrs. Eva Johnson still reside (1913). According to Elmer Grant Engelhorn, in 1913 Elizabeth was living with her twin sister Rachel (Mrs. George Campbell) in Milford, Nebraska. She may have made her home there for several years prior to 1913. Elmer says that Rachel left Milford some time after 1913 to live with a daughter in California and he does not know what became of Elizabeth after that.

She had a bright mind and a gentle dignity and was physically active to the time of her death at age 76.

Elizabeth's younger sister, Emma Larson, married Johannes Engelhorn of the Jakob Line.

They had two children:

Addie ENGELHORN was born 24 Jun 1875 and died 21 Aug 1947.
Eva ENGELHORN was born Mar 1879 in Allamakee County, Iowa.

Eva married JOHNSON. The marriage ended in divorce.

Second Generation
2. Addie ENGELHORN (Georg Julius) was born 24 Jun 1875 in Lansing, Iowa. She died 21 Aug 1947 in South Pasadena, California and was buried in Aberdeen, Washington.

Addie graduated in 1894 from Hoquiam High School in Hoquiam, about 20 miles from where her parents had their timber claim near the beach at Copalis, Washington. Addie was a good pianist and played for the Eastern Star Lodge of Hoquiam. She excelled at handiwork and did beautiful crochet work. She loved to read, but her main interest was her children. When they were in high school she opened a neighborhood grocery to make sure that they might have a chance for college. Addie was noted for her cheerful, sweet disposition and her energy and determination to overcome obstacles. After Sherman died in 1925 she moved with her daughter Helen's family to Seattle in about 1927 and in about 1932 she moved to California where she spent the rest of her life.

Addie married Sherman Livingstone CRAWFORD, son of William Francis CRAWFORD and Hanna Belle SMITH, on 2 Feb 1895 in Hoquiam, Washington. Sherman was born 18 Dec 1869 in Maynard, Iowa. He died 12 Oct 1925 in Aberdeen, Washington.

Sherman came with his family to Hoquiam, Washington in early 1890. He was largely self-educated. In the early years he owned a tug boat and then later a bicycle shop. He became a marine engineer, worked up to chief engineer, but disliked being away from family and more often worked as a machinist. His obituary indicated he was also in the insurance business.

He was senior warden of De Molai Commandery, Knights Templar, High Priest of the West Shore Chapter No. 13, Royal Arch Masons, a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, a member of the Grays Harbor Shrine Club and a member of the local Elks Lodge. He had been a resident of Aberdeen for 35 years.

He enjoyed gardening and was quite good at it; he had a way with shrubs and fruit trees.

They had four children:

Ronald Francis CRAWFORD was born 18 Dec 1895 in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor, Washington. He died 21 Feb 1956 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ronald graduated from Hoquiam High School in 1915 and attended Stanford University 1916-1917. He served in the U.S. Naval Hospital Corps in 1918 and then attended Colorado School of Mines, graduating in 1923 with a degree in Mining Engineering. He played on his high school and college football teams and was an outstanding wrestler in college.

For a short time he worked as a mucker and miner for Calumet and Arizona Mines in Bisbee Arizona and as timberman's helper at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Berwind Mine. He worked for the Moffat Tunnel Commission (Colorado) in 1923-1924; Victor-American Fuel Co. at Chandler, Colorado, surveying and sinking a 700' vertical mine shaft; 1926-1927 construction superintendent for Pollanza Park Development Co, St. Petersburg, Florida in charge of sea wall and bridge construction; 1926-1932 Texas Gulf Sulphur, Texas. From 1934 - 1937 he was Assistant Borough Superintendent, Queens, New York Parks Department and from 1937 - 1942 Ronald was with Ingersoll-Rand Company demonstrating and servicing equipment in Central America. A large part of his time was spent at the La Luz Mines in Nicaragua.

He was in Birmingham, Alabama with Ingersoll-Rand until about 1951 when he resigned to work for the Equipment Service Co. in Birmingham.

 Ronald was a member of the Masonic Lodge, Shriners and the American Institute of Mining Engineers.

Ronald married Esther FITZPATRICK in 1929 in Gulf, Texas. Esther was born Sep 1895.

George William CRAWFORD was born 7 Aug 1897 in Hoquiam, Washington. He died after 1931.

George married Bernice SANDY in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Maud Ethel CRAWFORD was born 11 Aug 1899 and died after 1964.
Helen Lindsay CRAWFORD was born 20 Jan 1906 and died 26 Dec 1931.
Third Generation
6. Maud Ethel CRAWFORD (Addie ENGELHORN, Georg Julius) was born 11 Aug 1899 in Hoquiam, Washington. She died after 1964.

After graduation from Hoquiam High School in 1918, Maud attended Central Washington College of Education at Ellensberg for one year. For two years, with the help of her grandmother Engelhorn, she owned and operated a small store catering to pupils of the adjacent schools, selling stationery, candies and notions. Maud was active in the Methodist Church and in the local grange. As a girl she was a great hiker, belonging to a hiking club. Her later interests were gardening, reading and travel.

Maud married Arthur Forbes CRAWFORD, son of Francis Reginald CRAWFORD and Alice MOWE, on 9 Jun 1922 in Prosser, Washington. Arthur was born 31 Jan 1890 in St. James, Missouri. He died 3 Jun 1958 in Sunnyside, Washington and was buried 7 Jun 1958 in Sunnyside.

Arthur Crawford came with his family as pioneers to the new Sunnyside Irrigation Project in the lower Yakima Valley of Washington. He was 11 years old at the time and attended the local schools. All his adult life he was a farmer. Arthur was always willing to accept responsibility, serving as director of the school board and trustee of Sunnyside Methodist Church. He was president of the Benton Rural Electrification Association for years. He helped found the Yakima Valley Grape Growers Association and was, in turn, director, president and manager. Arthur had little time for hobbies but enjoyed reading and had a keen interest in meteorology.

They had the following children:

Grace Elinor CRAWFORD was born 20 May 1923 in Sunnyside, Washington. She died 5 Oct 1923 in Sunnyside.
Rachel Anne CRAWFORD was born 26 Aug 1924 in Sunnyside, Washington.

Rachel graduated from Sunnyside High School in 1941 and then attended Long Beach Junior College in California, 1941-1943. She is a graduate of the University of Washington, 1945, with a BSc degree in English. Following graduation she taught at Port Townsend, Washington for a year and then at Edmonds High School for two years. Rachel enjoys oil painting as a hobby and is active in politics as a volunteer. In 1969 the family resided in Annapolis, Maryland.

Rachel married Robert Howard SMITH, son of Fred Aaron SMITH and Margaret PLATT, on 20 Jun 1947 in Sunnyside, Washington. Robert was born 8 Oct 1924 in Seattle, Washington.

Robert graduated from Kirkland High School in Seattle in 1942 and from the University of Washington in 1946. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in aeronautical engineering. He worked for the Boeing Company in Seattle from 1959-1969 and has done some consulting engineering. He was involved with Boeing and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on the Apollo and Lunar Orbiter projects.

Sara Louise CRAWFORD was born 21 Feb 1926 in Sunnyside, Washington.

Sara Louise graduated from Sunnyside High School and went on to various schools to pursue a career in music. She attended University of Washington; St. Louis Institute of Music, St. Louis, MO; Washington University, St, Louis; Julliard School of Music, New York; Hunter College, New York; and obtained her BA and M.A. degrees at Columbia Teachers College, New York. She was a pianist and teacher at Hoff - Barthelson Music School, Scarsdale, New York since 1957 and in 1969 was residing in New York City.

Sara married Joseph Eugene DROGHEO on 2 Jan 1966 in New York, New York. Joseph was born in Camden, New Jersey.  He died 26 June 1997.

Mr. Drogheo is a singer of classical music, both opera and oratorio. He received his musical training at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland and at the Academia di Santa Cecilia in Rome, Italy.

John Sherman CRAWFORD was born 24 Jan 1928 in Sunnyside, Washington. He died 19 May 1987 in Seattle, Washington and was buried 27 May 1987 in Poulsbo, Washington.

John grew up on the family farm near Sunnyside, Washington, and graduated from Sunnyside High School in 1946. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1946-1947 and in 1954-1955 he was a survival instructor on the Field Medicine and Surgery Committee at Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

He attended the University of Washington and obtained his BA degree in communications and zoology 1954. He was a member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and active in student-faculty affairs. He was a light-heavy-weight boxing finalist in the university championships in 1952 and was a quarter-finalist as a light-heavyweight in the 1952 combined Golden Gloves Northwest Regional Olympic boxing trials in Seattle.

During summer vacations while in school he worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska. After graduation and military service John worked again for the Fish and Wildlife Service on the Columbia River system and in Alaska on migration and racial identification studies of Pacific salmon.

His work for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska was the basis for his earliest writings. Beginning in 1959 he devoted himself entirely to wildlife research and photography in Alaska and the Canadian Rockies. He was the author of the books "At Home with the High Ones" and "Wolves, Bears and Bighorns". His articles and photographs appeared in "Outdoor Life", "National Geographic", "Alaska Sportsman", "Field and Stream" and other publications.

John was a member of the Methodist Church and a member of the Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife.

Patrick Lindsay CRAWFORD was born 13 Jun 1929 in Sunnyside, Washington.

Patrick Lindsay graduated from Sunnyside High School in 1947 and from Central Washington State College in 1958 with a B.A. degree in Education. He also attended the Los Angeles Art Center School for two years and the University of Washington. He was a teacher and wrestling coach at Lynwwod High School.

Patrick has been employed in the real estate business for a number of years in Edmonds, Washington. He is active in community and professional associations related to real estate and education; Edmonds education Assn; Washington Education Assn; National Education Assn; Seattle Real Estte Board; North End Brokers Assn; Washington Horse Breeders Assn; Meadowdale Community Club and Edmonds Methodist Church.

Patrick saw service with the U.S. Marine Corps in Korea, Japan and Hawaii from 1946 to 1952.

Patrick married Donna Marie ROBINSON, daughter of Frank ROBINSON and Faith SWINDON, on 5 Aug 1961 in Edmonds, Washington. Donna was born 18 Sep 1941 in Jacksonville, Oregon.

7. Helen Lindsay CRAWFORD (Addie ENGELHORN, Georg Julius) was born 20 Jan 1906 in Hoquiam, Washington. She died 26 Dec 1931 in Seattle, Washington and was buried 28 Dec 1931 in Aberdeen, Washington.

Helen was the youngest and the "pet" of the family. She attended Hoquiam High School and the Presbyterian Church. After her marriage at age 18 she became a devoted mother. Unfortunately, she did not live to rear her son Kenneth Jr. Helen and her daughter Jean both died the same week of severe strep infections.

Helen married Kenneth Clyde STONE on 21 Jan 1924. Kenneth was born 1900.

They had two children:

Patricia Jean STONE was born 17 Mar 1925 in Aberdeen, Washington. She died 27 Dec 1931 in Seattle, Washington.
Kenneth Clyde STONE Jr. was born 26 Jun 1926 in Aberdeen, Washington.

Kenneth graduated from Ballard, Washington High School in 1943. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1943 to 1946. Following military service he attended the University of Nevada, studying electrical engineering and business and has worked for electrical equipment manufacturers.