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A fabulous time!

The 2014 family gathering was organized by Loyd Englehorn in the beautiful city of Boise, Idaho. We took a tour of historic Boise, and there is a lot to see. Some of us went for a day trip to the World Center for Birds of Prey, which was fantastic. The Idaho Botanical Garden is also a choice spot for viewing and relaxing. The old Idaho penitentiary offered a different view of life in the wild west. Boise has quite a Basque history and a few of us toured the museum in the Basque old town. Many of us ate one night at a local Basque restaurant and the meal was more than filling!

But, of course, the best time was sitting around over coffee, baked potatoes, or a bit of pork belly, and talking with far flung family members. We had over 25 people attend the gathering; many came for the first time. Some came a long distance for just one night. If you can, join us in 2016.



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