Engelhorn Reunion 2002


Here are some photos of attendees at the 2002 Engelhorn family gathering at Superior Shores Resort at Two Harbors on the North Shore, Lake Superior. (Photos by Roger Englehorn.)

Superior Shores Resort, 
Two Harbors, Minn.
Steve Englehorn and 
Jim Schrempp
Sandi Englehorn


Sylvia Russell
Kim & Pete Marrier
Steve & Jim Englehorn, Tom Mill


Dave Millard, Steve & Jim Dan Englehorn, Pete Marrier, 
Jerry Jukkala with back to camera
Darrell Russell, Jerry & Peggy Jukkala, 
Sylvia Russell, Frances Mill, 
Jim Englehorn going bald in front


Frances Mill, Audry Engelhorn Pete Marrier and Jim Schrempp Camp fire and sing-along on the beach; 
Susan Marrier, Audry Engelhorn, 
Lynn, Dan, & Steve Englehorn


Hosts for the reunion in 2004 pictured here; Steve and Sandi Englehorn, Sylvia and Darrell Russell. 

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