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We did it again!  This year's reunion was ably hosted by Frances and Tom Mill at Asilomar in Monterey, California.  We had folks from all over the continent. It was a great time for meeting new relatives in the area, and sharing stories with those who come to every reunion. My camera bugged out on me!  I'd like to post more photos here. If you have one or two to share, send them my way. 

Susan Marrier, Dorothy Ortmann, special welcome to Milton and Pat Wiggers from Illinois. This was their first reunion and they came cross country to join us. Sister Sylvia Bartheld, Jim Englehorn and Frances Mill.

A Note from Hostess Frances . . .

This 2000 Reunion was held at Asilomar Conference Center, California State Park and Beach Resort. Thirty-three adults, three children, and one baby arrived at 3:00 on Friday, August 4th and stayed until noon, Sunday, August 6th. These came from 5 states and 2 Provinces in Canada.

We took 18 double-double rooms, and single people used 4. The cost of the rooms included sleeping accommodations, three meals a day and the use of a meeting room all day until 10:00 PM.  Most everyone liked this format. They used and enjoyed the meeting room with the fireplace. Most walked the grounds and beach of the park. The cost seemed reasonable since it included so much.

Saturday night we had a banquet in a private dining room for 51 people and 2 babies. Of those people we actually had 9 children under 14 years old. Before Dinner, my husband, Tom took a group photo.  Surprise, it turned out and I have sent one to everyone.

Saturday at 9:00 until 12:00 noon, we had a bus tour of the Monterey Bay Area. It was a new bus with a digital video system. Each family got a 72-page color photo book at the end of the tour. Those who didn't go on the tour went sightseeing or playing on the beach or swimming in the pool at Asilomar.

Next reunion is going back to the mid-west. Two of the next generation offered to take it. Jim Schrempp from Saratoga, CA (his grandmother was Edith Engelhorn) and Peter Marrier from Winnipeg, MB Canada (his mother is Susan (Englehorn) Marrier). It is great what the Internet can make possible, working together that far a part.

Good Luck to the both of them!


Frances (Englehorn) Mill

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