Family Reunion Sample Schedule


Early on we put together a simple schedule of things to do. I hope this will give you some ideas of what you'll need to consider.

18 months ahead: Reserve block of rooms

14 months ahead: Announce by email (ask people to mention it in their Christmas cards)

10 months ahead: Announce by postal service. Send out an "I'm going" card for people to return

The above two can be done together, around September or October, once people are back from their summer vacations. People can't be expected to make a complete decision this early, but it helps to get a rough idea how many might attend. People could respond by returning the card or by e-mail. Consider what information you want to get from people at this point: ages of attendees, preferences for activities, information you'll need to plan the agenda.

6 months ahead: Make gross reservations for any excursions

Be sure to get prices and note when you'll have to give the vendor a final head count. If you have to commit early, be sure to include signup instructions in the signup material that goes out next.

Complete a preliminary agenda for the 4 days 

8 months ahead: Send out signup material via email and postal service

People will make their reservations at the resort on their own, but we will want them to register with us as well. Be sure to include instructions for room reservations: where to call, room choices, etc.

4 months ahead: 

This may be your last chance to cancel on banquet rooms, excursion reservations, etc, and still get your deposit back.

3 months ahead: Send out reminder 

1 month ahead:  

Final agenda is done

Cut off to accept any more people. In reality, as long as they can get hotel reservations, anyone can still come.

Final head count to activities that require it (such as bus tour)

2 weeks ahead:

Final head count to resort, release any unreserved rooms in our block

Copy and assemble attendee packets with schedule and attendee list

Write a final Welcome letter to put in the attendee packets

1 day ahead: 

Organizers meet at noon to discuss final arrangements and drink. 

Get a good night sleep!


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